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Mix It Up With Globe Food Equipment


Globe Manufacturing was awarded FE&S Best In Class in 2015 for providing Floor Mixers with unparalleled quality and value.

Restaurants, bakeries, and other professional food establishments rave about Globe equipment. Globe slicers are highly recognized (also winning several of FE&S Magazine’s Best In Class Awards) and Globe bench and floor mixers are unique for several reasons. Let’s dive right in and look at the simple list of reasons why Globe mixers (countertop and floor) present the perfectly blended balance of quality and value in one machine.

  1. All Globe Mixer transmissions are gear-driven, not belt-driven. This design means more power is driven from the motor to the planetary, which means superior torque and power for the toughest mixing jobs, like bread dough and buttercream.
  2. Safety features that help protect your employees. The machine won’t run unless the bowl guard is in place and the bowl is in its upward position.  And speaking of the bowl guard, it’s actually quite easy to get it on and off the machine, unlike other brands where it can take wasted minutes trying to get the thing on and off.
    Globe Mixer
    No more squinting from across the room to see the timer on your mixer with Globe’s Digital Display on the front side.
  3. Digital, flat control pad is located on the front of the mixer. Unlike other commercial mixers with a simple dial or toggle on the side, all Globe mixers feature a digital control panel on the front side of the unit. This means that you can set the timer, leave the mixer to do other tasks, and still see the timer display from across the kitchen.The other advantage here is that the flat, membrane keypad is easy to clean and remains sanitary during production, as opposed to bulky toggles and dials that accumulate food debris and the potential for bacteria growth.
  4. The batch bowls are built for large recipes. Because these are such high powered machines, meant to tackle very large batches of tough ingredients, the batch bowls are made of heavy gauge stainless steel with roll formed outer edges which adds strength (no flex) and eliminates the need to stop the mixer and scrape down ingredients in the middle of a task. Designed with spring loaded bowl clamps, these bowls remain solid and won’t shift and shake under the pressure of a large, hard batch of dough.
  5. All models are 3-speed machines, and come with an attachment for each setting: wire whip, batter beater, and dough hook.
Globe SP10 - 10 Qt Commercial Bench Mixer
Globe SP10 – 10 Qt Commercial Bench Mixer

Everyone knows you can use a stand mixer for whipping cream and creaming butter, but there are plenty of other ways to use a mixer in the kitchen, especially if you’re dealing with large batches!  Now that you know why you should choose a Globe Mixer, here are some ideas on how to use your new BFF in the kitchen:

-Mashed Potatoes

-Chocolate Mousse

-Pizza, Bread, and Pasta Dough


-Shredded chicken or pork



How do you use your mixer? Tell us in the comments below!

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