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The New SmartCompliance System from First Aid Only

First Aid Only is the brand we trust for food industry First Aid Kits, and you should too.

First Aid Only SmartTabFocused on aiding every food service business owner in following the standards set forth by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), First Aid Only has now introduced a new system called SmartCompliance.

A SmartCompliance First Aid kit is designed to help you and your employees keep that First Aid kit stocked at all times so that when a finger is cut or hand is
burned, no one is running out to the store for bandages and burn cream.  These kits achieve this by using what’s called the SmartTab ezRefill™ system.

Smart Compliance First Aid Only Tundra
The SKU list located on the front of each First Aid Only Smart Compliance Kit will conveniently list all the refills, making restocking quick and easy.

Once you’re ready to start using your First Aid kit, lift the tab of each supply box up and out, for easy access.  You’ll see the bright yellow and black SmartTab card in the back.  As you use that particular supply, the tab is moved forward so that when supply begins to run low (but not completely out) the SmartTab will appear at the front as a friendly reminder that it’s time to reorder that supply.  The tab will clearly state the First Aid Only product number you need to reorder.  To make things even easier, we’ve taken this a step further and placed a “cheat sheet” on the front of each cabinet showing you a chart that matches the refill’s Tundra SKU with the item’s SmartTab number.  Now you can go straight to reordering and on with your day!

First Aid Only – Large SmartCompliance Food Service First Aid Cabinet



This system will also help you avoid over-stocking supplies you don’t use because you won’t reorder until you see the SmartTab.

New to the Tundra catalog of First Aid Only supplies are the solid steel wall mountable Medium and Large
SmartCompliance Food Service First Aid Cabinets.  The Medium comes with all the first aid supplies you need to meet the 2015 ANSI Class A Requirements and can treat 25 people or more.  The contents included in the Large Cabinet actually exceed the 2015 ANSI Class A Requirements and are sufficient to treat 50 or more people.

Thanks to this convenient and cost effective new system, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re always following OSHA requirements and ANSI standards.  Now that you have employee safety taken care of, you can go back to wowing your guests and building your business.  Well thanks, First Aid Only.  Don’t mind if I do.

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