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The Robot Coupe R2N – What’s The Big Deal?

robot coupe food processor

The Robot Coupe food processor is a known leader in the realm of commercial food prep equipment

I would hope that anyone who’s ever worked in a professional kitchen knows the name Robot Coupe, and has had the chance to use a Robot Coupe Food Processor. If you have yet to operate a Robot Coupe food processor well, put it on your bucket list.

Robot Coupe offers various food processing units, but the Robot Coupe R2N Food Processor with 3 Quart Bowl and Continuous Feed is an industry standard. Here’s why: there’s a level of versatility, power, and durability in this machine that you can’t beat with a carrot stick.


Robot Coupe - R2N - Commercial Food Processor with 3 Qt Gray Bowl & Continuous Feed
Robot Coupe – R2N – Commercial Food Processor with 3 Qt Gray Bowl & Continuous Feed

When I say versatility I mean a couple things. First, the R2N doesn’t just slice cucumbers or shred carrots. With 21 blade options (comes standard with slicing disc, grating disc, and “S” blade) you can use it to grind peanuts for peanut butter, emulsify aioli, and even knead dough for bread. The other element of versatility is introduced with the addition of a continuous feed. The continuous feed is that gray shoot looking thing. You take the batch bowl off and replace it with the continuous feed (which is surprisingly simple to do) and you can now process larger vegetables like cucumber and sweet potato by feeding them through that attachment and straight into your storage bin. It’s basically like having 2 machines in 1!

Power & Durability

I know, I know, it’s been said before but you just can’t beat the power of a Robot Coupe. The industrial power of the induction motor means faster processing times and longer life span of the machine.  An induction motor runs only on AC power and because it is basically creating an electro-magnetic field for power, none of the parts inside really come into contact with each other. This creates less noise and less ware and tear on that motor over time.


As if superior power and durability weren’t enough, there are other perks to choosing a Robot Coupe. Chefs across the globe find them simple and easy to use which translates to time and energy saved in the kitchen. You can also be sure that investing in a Robot Coupe will save you money in other areas of the kitchen. With minimum wage rising, it might help to add a food processor that can cut through food prep faster than 3 prep chefs combined. Plus, you’ll quickly see that prepping certain veggies yourself cuts down on food costs.

In other words, stop buying not-so-fresh shredded carrots and invest in a Robot Coupe Food Processor!

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