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San Jamar – The Innovation Leader

San Jamar

San Jamar has been a leading provider of food service essentials since 1986, when they created the classic Twin 9 JBT tissue dispenser (Tundra SKU SANR4090TBL).  Since then, they’ve used innovation and insight from chefs and restaurant managers to enhance food safety, personal safety, and efficiency while cutting costs at the same time. This means cutting boards, oven mitts, and napkin dispensers that just make sense in your establishment. San Jamar responds to customer issues with action – not words. They work alongside the customer to learn and understand what designs work best in different applications.

Whether you’ve worked in restaurants or just enjoy going, I know you’ve seen it—the stressed out hostess who is so far in the weeds she has this dazed look on her face. Her head is in so many places she doesn’t quite look into your eyes because she’s thinking of everything she needs to do to get her job done. Unfortunately, for most hosts and hostesses, one of those tasks is keeping the restrooms clean and well stocked.

I have nightmarish memories (from back in the day) of juggling a crowd of hungry people at the host stand.  They’re hangry, and blaming me for the long wait. Meanwhile, I’m answering the phone, bussing tables, and keeping a smile on my face. And then it happens. A patron strides up to me with fire in her eyes. She taps me incessantly as you’re grabbing menus for the next group.

“Excuse me, miss? Miss.  The Ladies’ Room is out of paper towels?”

She might as well have said, “The bathroom is on fire!?”

Instead of saying what I really want to say, I take a deep breath and thank her for telling me, and that (somehow) “I’ll take care of that right away.”

Here’s where San Jamar comes in.

San Jamar - Tear-N-Dry Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser
San Jamar – Tear-N-Dry Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser

San Jamar’s towel and soap dispensers were designed with that busy restaurant employee in mind.  Not only are the paper and tissue dispensers easy to reload, they are universal – meaning you choose which brand, quality, or quantity you want in there and don’t get tied down with pricey paper contracts.  This includes 100% recycled paper which can be tricky to fit into some towel dispensers.  San Jamar recognized the need to make bathroom restocking quick and hassle free, and they continue to improve designs with this in mind.

San Jamar - SI7000BG - Saf-T-Ice Bottle Guardian
San Jamar – SI7000BG – Saf-T-Ice Bottle Guardian

These intuitive designs stretch to the BOH as well.  San Jamar saw an inefficiency and potential safety hazard in the awkward task of hauling ice to the bar from the ice machine, so it created the Saf-T-Ice® line.  The Saf-T-Ice Tote buckets conveniently hang on the side of the ice machine for filling, which was originally designed with the bartender’s efficiency in mind but health inspectors love it too because the buckets (ideally) never touch the floor. They’ve even come out with the Saf-T-Ice® Bottle Guardian, which holds wine, liquor, or store and pour bottles right inside the bar station ice bin without danger of breakage or cross contamination. Wish I’d had one of these in college when I was tending bar at outdoor weddings in Georgia. Would have made that endless flow of white wine spritzers so much easier…

Then you have your in-counter napkin dispensers which lower costs and increase efficiency at the same time.  Ever noticed that if the napkins are sitting there in a pile by the cups and straws, you’ll grab 30 just in case and end up throwing most of them away? Restaurant managers were noticing that as well, so San Jamar came out with the in-counter version.  Not only do these prevent waste (which cuts costs!) it ensures the napkins are kept safe and sanitary for your guests.

These are just a few of the ways in which San Jamar has proven itself as an innovative and incredibly relevant manufacturer of restaurant, bar, hotel, and catering essentials. Working alongside industry staff, they’ve lived the hardships and know the frustrations that need solutions. We have an incredible selection of San Jamar items and hope you find the solution you’re looking for right here.

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