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A Few Of Our Favorite Things from Grindmaster

grindmaster coffeeHot, Cold, or Frozen – Grindmaster does it all when it comes to Commercial Beverage Dispensers.

Grindmaster Cecilware is an innovation leader in the world of commercial beverage dispensers. Whether you realize it or not, you most likely bought a beverage within the last 2 weeks that was made using GMCW equipment (its family of brands includes Grindmaster™, Cecilware™, and Crathco™).  From coffee grinders and brewers, to juice and frozen drink dispensers, GMCW has mastered all categories – hot, cold, and frozen.

But, it’s December and we want to talk hot beverages. For those who have ever been brave enough to attend an outdoor event in the winter, you know how cold those can get (especially if you forgot your mittens!). I remember a few festivals and tree-lighting ceremonies that would have been way more enjoyable with a hot drink in hand – like a peppermint hot chocolate or gingerbread cappuccino (mmm). But you have to wonder how an outdoor food vendor could manage to serve any type of elevated coffee drink out of a food truck or catering station? That’s what Grindmaster Cecilware (GMCW) was challenged with when they created the first commercial powdered beverage dispenser in 1994, called the GB3-MLD.

The Grindmaster PIC6 6 Flavor Hot Chocolate/Cappuccino Dispenser

Today, some of the most advanced powdered beverage dispensers are from the Grindmaster PIC family.  You can choose from 3, 4, or 5 flavor hoppers in order to provide a variety of options for guests. These flavored hot beverage dispensers are super easy to operate and maintain. The front is clearly marked for cup placement, so you could even use them for a self-service operation. Each hopper can hold up to 5 pounds of flavor powder and is clear so that you can easily see which ones need to be topped off. The 7-inch cup clearance means cups don’t catch on the dispenser, plus you can offer most cup sizes to your guests. Last but not least, Grindmaster offers the option of adding a water pump to your unit so that you can source water from a portable water jug. This is perfect for catering companies, food trucks, or any situation where hooking up your beverage dispenser to a water line is just not an option.

What I love about these units is the depth of options you have. With hundreds of powdered flavor packets out there, you can easily switch up your menu offerings to match the season. Or you could get creative and use basic hot chocolate or powdered coffee, and then add your own house-made simple syrups or infused spirits. How about a cinnamon infused vodka, chocolate syrup and a dash of cayenne for a boozy Mexican Hot Chocolate? Or maybe offer an Irish Coffee Latte by simply throwing a jigger full of Irish Whiskey and some simple syrup into a standard latte?

Your hot beverage options would be endless with a Grindmaster PIC Hot Chocolate/Cappuccino Dispenser. We love Grindmaster for its dedication to providing practical and intuitive restaurant equipment. Considering GMCW has its own in-house Continuous Improvement Team, we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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