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Super Bowl Must-Haves From Nemco

NemcoThe Super Bowl.  Sure, it’s a football game, but let’s be real. It’s really about the food. I start thinking about Super Bowl recipes and what I’ll make for my Super Bowl Sunday party as soon as football starts in the fall. I’ve actually thrown a few Super Bowl Cook-Offs in the past (Best Mac n’ Cheese, a Dip-Off). But this year, I’ve been invited to actually go outside on Super Bowl Sunday. To meet friends at a bar! The relief of not having to host got me thinking about how restaurants and bars have to stock up on catering supplies for the Super Bowl and the brand Nemco immediately came to mind.


You Can Thank Nemco for Bringing You the Magic of Curly Fries

If you’re like me, and absolutely love curly fries, you can thank Nemco. It all began in 1976 in Hicksville, Ohio. Ed Neidhardt had opened a small manufacturing company and was asked by a neighboring restaurant owner for a magical machine that would slice potatoes into spirals. In 1981, the Spiral Fry™ Potato Cutter was born and was the first of Nemco’s vast line of food service equipment including manual food prep equipment, countertop warmers and cooking equipment, concessions displays, and much, much more.

Must-Haves from Nemco

When you think of Super Bowl food, what comes to mind?  For me, it’s the classics. Dips, nachos, and – my personal favorite – hot wings! I just feel like every bar or restaurant open for Super Bowl Sunday should have a variation of one or all of these things. Here’s where Nemco comes in. Among other fantastic kitchen prep equipment, Nemco makes all the necessary catering equipment needed for these delicious and not-so-nutritious snacks.


Nemco Full Size Cooker Warmer
6055A-CW – Full Size Countertop Food Cooker and Warmer

For restaurants looking to make the perfect jalapeno dip without the added clean-up, try using a 6055A-CW Full Size Countertop Food Cooker/Warmer.  As the name suggests, you can cook AND store anything from veggies, casseroles, dips, and other entrees or sides all in one vessel. The dishwashers will thank you!

iStock_Nacho_CheeseThe CHEESE

A nacho bar is a buffet superstar because football fans can pick and choose to their liking.  Nemco’s 7 Quart and 11 Quart Round Countertop Food Warmers also act as warmers and cookers.That means for cheese dip, you can throw all your ingredients in and let it do its thing while you prep your other nacho toppings! Talk about efficiency.


6000A-2B – Black Freestanding Double Bulb Heat Lamp

Hot or mild, smoked or fried – every Super Bowl Party needs ‘em.  The 6000A-2B  Freestanding Double Bulb Heat Lamp offers the solution to safely keeping your wings at a safe temperature as they wait to be eaten. Ranch? Blue Cheese? Both?!

If you’re a restaurant or bar gearing up for this Super Bowl Sunday 2016, check out all that Nemco has to offer when it comes to prepping, cooking, or storing food for all those hungry football fans.

We admire Nemco for their commitment to excellence and desire to go above and beyond the customer’s expectations.  Nemco thrives on innovation, and we can’t wait to see what exciting new products the future holds.

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