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Types of Cookware Materials

As a cook in a commercial kitchen, consistency is key to keeping food costs low and customers happy. Knowing which types of pan materials are best suited to the foods you cook is helpful when creating a good menu. For example, if your restaurant specializes in homemade pasta sauces, I wouldn’t …

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Who Uses Soap On Cast Iron?

In the residential kitchen, we’re all quite aware of the 3 forbidden rules when it comes to cast iron: Never, ever use soap! Never, ever soak it in water! Never, ever let water rest on it after being cleaned! Depending on who you talk to, and how big their love …

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How to Restore Cast Iron Cookware [Video]

Whether you find it at a neighbor’s garage sale or in your grandma’s attic, cast iron cookware is everywhere! It can rust and pit, but with a little care (and sometimes a lot of elbow grease) a good cast iron pan cast last for generations. In this video lesson, we …

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