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How to Give Customers the Extra Information They Want

Tourists Love Helpful Info From Restaurant StaffBeyond recommendations about food & beverage, there are many other questions that locals and tourists ask. Use this list to build your ‘fact file’ for staff, and quiz them regularly to check they’re offering correct answers.

#1 issue for most managers is ‘staff motivation and attitude’. The interesting thing is, when staff are helpful to customers, they receive positive feedback and reinforcement. Food & beverage knowledge is one thing, but local information and recommendations can really make a difference to the customer experience. Build up staff local knowledge and their ability to assist, and everyone will smile more.

Make sure your staff can respond to questions like these:

  • When did the business start, and who were the first owners?
  • If there have been other owners since, what has changed?
  • This place is unusual – what’s it about?
  • Do you do takeout, catering, functions etc?
  • What’s the website, phone number, fax number and email address?
  • I want to come by local transport – what bus, train etc do I use?
  • Phone number and website for transport information.
  • Are taxis easy to find – what number do I call to make a booking?
  • Best place for parking – long and short stay (including insider tips that only the locals know).
  • How much does it cost – described in a way that makes it sound affordable.
  • If parking is difficult, best way to tactfully advise this without losing the booking.
  • If they are worried about security for their car, what would you advise?
  • Where is an ATM teller machine?
  • Where is a local bank and when is it open?
  • Where is the post office or where can I buy a stamp? How much does postage cost on a postcard or letter?

Local attractions and points of interest:

  • Places that would appeal to a family with young children.
  • Places that would appeal to people that like shopping.
  • Places that would appeal to a group of seniors who are out for the day.
  • Places that would appeal to a group of sport players who are staying locally for a competition.
  • Places that would appeal to people who like walks and outdoor activities.
  • A well-known tourist attraction – hours of opening and costs etc.
  • Local bookshops, fashion shops, music shops, gift shops and department stores for browsing.
  • Where’s a shop nearby where I can download the images from my computer onto a CD?
  • Is there an internet café nearby?
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