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DayMark Food Labels

DayMark Labels Flowchart

You may be familiar with First In, First Out (FIFO), an organization system for keeping food at its freshest, but did you know that a big part of FIFO is making sure to use food rotation labels?

DayMark is well known for providing safety systems to help businesses maintain a healthy work environment, and with their different labels (ToughMark, DissolveMark, MoveMark, CoolMark, and DuraMark), they help ensure food safety in varying temperatures, locations, containers, and moisture levels.


When trying to decide on the right food label for your business, make sure to look into the benefit of each of the labels:

  • ToughMark – Great for reusable containers that are placed in the freezer and around high moisture.
  • DissolveMark – Also great for reusable containers, but better for containers that are placed in the cooler and have low moisture levels.
  • MoveMark – The last of the bunch used for reusable containers, but best used in dry storage.
  • Freezable Adhesive – Perfect on disposable containers that are placed in the freezer.
  • DuraMark – Theses types of labels can be used on disposable containers as well, but are better paired with containers that are placed in a cooler or dry spot.
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