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Robot Coupe – A Powerful Leader in Food Processors

Robot CoupeEvery professional chef knows the name Robot Coupe.  Pronounced “roh-boh coo,” the company hails from France and specializes in food prep equipment.  If you’ve been saying “robot coop” all these years, don’t worry—we won’t tell. Robot Coupe U.S.A. was founded in Jackson, Mississippi over 30 years ago, and it’s clear that Robot Coupe is an industry favorite amongst professional chefs worldwide.

So why do most chefs choose Robot Coupe?  The truth is really in the details.  Robot Coupe’s long line of food processors were specifically designed for the commercial kitchen, delivering immense power to withstand regular, heavy use.  But don’t confuse durability with ease-of-use; you’ll find Robot Coupe is both simple and safe to put together and take apart.  You can feel safe knowing that when you use a Robot Coupe, every part of the machine that touches food can be safely removed for cleaning; that means more speed and less hassle when it comes to finishing that mile long prep list.

Robot Coupe mastered the design of the durable, easy-to-use food processor years ago, and has since moved on to create amazing immersion blenders, juicers, and combination processing units.

What is a combination processing unit?  It pretty much is what it sounds like:  Robot Coupe has created a food processor that combines two of their most popular appliances – the cutter and the blender-mixer.  It’s basically meant to expedite the liquefying of raw or cooked foods for nursing homes and hospitals, but because it can also chop, grind, emulsify and puree…we think it easily fits into any professional kitchen.

Robot Coupe - BLIXER6 - 2 Speed Blixer with 7 Qt Bowl

Robot Coupe – BLIXER6 – 2 Speed Blixer with 7 Qt Bowl

Enter The Robot Coupe Blixer.

Designed with a fine serrated edge blade, leak-proof lid,  and an internal scraper arm, the Blixer was intended to simplify the process of preparing mixed liquid or semi liquid foods, but it can also do all the other food processing tasks mentioned above.   Because it emulsifies vegetables and fruits, the Blixer completely breaks down your product while keeping the original nutritional value and flavor.  This is great for juice bars needing a quick way to break down product before pressing into a juice.  It also works well for pulsing flour and butter into the perfect consistency for those scones or biscuits you make every morning.  We’ve even seen pharmaceutical and environmental companies use the Blixer to completely break down vegetables and proteins needed for analytical use.

Beyond the Blixer and other professional food processors, Robot Coupe uses the same powerful design in their immersion blenders and juicers.  So whether you need to chop onion and tomato for pico de gallo, grind herbs for a compound butter, or emulsify chocolate and cream for ganache – Robot Coupe has the solution.

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Food Service Equipment: Getting Properly Stocked

A restaurant kitchen is alive with the hum and bustle of life and movement, and while nothing beats a good staff, stocking the right food service equipment can infinitely improve the efficiency and quality of your restaurant. No matter what type of restaurant you own or operate, you’ll need a massive amount of equipment on hand; ovens, ranges, processors, blenders, freezers, mixers, not to mention plates, knives, forks, chopsticks, etc, etc. In this article, we’ll take a closer at everything your restaurant needs to run as smooth as butter.

Food Service Equipment

One thing that any kitchen needs, whether it’s a smoothie bar or a sushi bar, is proper commercial refrigeration. You need a fridge to keep things cold, fresh, and legal. From walk-ins to reach-ins, do your research to ensure that you get a refrigerator that best suits the needs of your establishment.

Also, you’ll most likely need to make ice on site, so if you’re looking for your restaurant’s ideal commercial ice machine, take a look at these tips on the importance of the right ice machine.

All things start with prep, so you need to be sure that you’ve got the right tools to get any dish started. There are many specialized food prep machines which simplify anything from making pasta to sausages.

Nothing is worse than old, worn knives that waste your time inefficiently cutting, dicing and slicing, so be sure to have top quality cutlery on hand, and to sharpen or replace them frequently. Look over this cutlery Q & A to find the better blade for you.

Food Service EquipmentOr, you can walk away from the knife and find a new cutting strategy. Using a quality food processor is a multifaceted method to save time while providing consistency of quality. Processors do your slicing and dicing for you, so you needn’t spend time you don’t have choring away at it. Time is money, so don’t waste another minute doing what a food processor could do for you. Also take a peek here to know what processor to buy.

If your restaurant serves food, that food presumably needs to be cooked, so while looking for any or all sorts of cooking equipment, check out this guide to commercial cooking equipment, which includes options for ranges, ovens, steamers and griddles, to find what best suits your needs.

As the American obesity rate continues to grow so does the popularity of fried food, so depending upon your restaurant’s health-stance, you may want to invest in a commercial fryer. While certainly not healthy, fryers make food undeniably delicious, so don’t exclude this enticing addition.

Food Service EquipmentFrom water to wine, your restaurant will need to find a way to appropriately serve drinks, so consider whether you need a beverage dispenser, or frozen drink machine to make the job easier. Or to make anything from smoothies to mixed drinks, stock up with a blender.

After the dish is served, enjoyed and finished, you’re left to clean up the mess, so investing in a commercial dishwasher is essential for timely turn around.

So whether your restaurant is just starting up, revamping, or merely replacing old equipment, be sure to properly stock your food service equipment to ensure the best restaurant experience possible.

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