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Photoshoot at The Kitchen Upstairs

At Tundra Restaurant Supply, we work with hundreds of top vendors in the industry, giving us the special privilege of getting a sneak peak at new styles hitting the scene.

PrintThe Kitchen Upstairs here in Boulder, Colorado, let us use their space for the day. Located just West of the Pearl Street mall, The Kitchen Upstairs is an elegant cocktail lounge that serves equally delicious food and drinks.

The Kitchen Upstairs in Boulder, CO | Photo Courtesy of The Kitchen Upstairs; Photo credit to Davis Tilly Photography

The Kitchen Upstairs in Boulder, CO | Photo Courtesy of The Kitchen Upstairs; Photo credit to Davis Tilly Photography

And now we’d like to give you a sneak peak of our recent photo shoot, featuring new styles in tabletop and glassware, all displayed in a stunning setting:

the-kitchen-upstairs-photoshoot-6 the-kitchen-upstairs-photoshoot-3the-kitchen-upstairs-photoshoot-4the-kitchen-upstairs-photoshoot-1 the-kitchen-upstairs-photoshoot-5the-kitchen-upstairs-photoshoot-2

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[VIDEO] Trends in Glassware Filmed At Centro Latin Kitchen

Never has the battle between fashion versus function been greater than when picking out the glassware for your restaurant. As an extension of the look and feel of your restaurant, you want your glassware to be stylish yet also durable enough to withstand the daily wear and tear it’ll face. Between customers, bartenders, servers, dishwashers and more, there are (literally) several hands that touch your glassware every day, which means more opportunity for breakage to occur.

centro-latin-kitchenCheck out our new Trends in Glassware video filmed at the soulful (and delicious) Centro Latin Kitchen in Boulder, Colorado. With their open bar concept that bridges both an indoor space and a comfortable outdoor patio, we love Centro Latin Kitchen’s style and innovative take on Mexican Cuisine.


Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply. And today we’re coming at you from Boulder, Colorado at Centro Latin Kitchen. Today we’re going to talk about upcoming trends in your glassware.

First, let’s talk about stemware, or the lack thereof. Here, we have an Excalibur wine glass by Cardinal. The nice thing about this is that it’s made from fully tempered glass so it’s going to resist a lot of the wear and tear from the nightly grind at your bar. As well as it has a nice feature of a tall body that slightly narrows at the tip to help trap in the aromatics of the wine. Here, we have a stemless wine glass that’s a much more current trend going on in the scene. And the nice thing about the stemless is exactly that—it’s stemless. So there’s a less chance of your bartenders knocking over your glasses. Here, we have the Perfection glass from Cardinal.

Next let’s talk about the versatility of your common glassware. Here, we have something you would often put soft drinks in and here we have something you would often put your mixed cocktails in. However, if you think about it, you can also put your soft drinks in this Islande Hi-Ball glass as well. The nice thing about this glass is that it’s the only glass that features nice, tall sleek sides on the side, as opposed to this one that has a curved belly. Also, you think about portion control. Yeah, you’re a little scared at first of using a smaller glass for your soft drinks—but that can work to your benefit. Smaller portions also means less waste at the end of the day.

As the craft beer trend moves forward, it’s made us rethink our barware with the same, thoughtful care that we do with the brews themselves. As more craft breweries start to use these specialty glasses, we as drinkers start to realize they start to affect the aromas and flavors of the brews themselves. And here we have a Belgian beer glass, the thing that makes it a Belgian beer glass specifically is its unique tulip shape that helps trap the aromatics of the brew.

Next we’re going to show you a fun take on some unique shapes to replace your common pint glass. For instance, we have this shape that resembles your common party cup. Or we also have this uniquely shaped beer can styles. They also come in a chalkboard version. The nice thing about these chalkboard versions is you can help identify specific customers or brews you’re trying to showcase. You can also customize your glasses by customizing them with your logo.

And here we have specialty glasses, like this Excalibur Margarita glass. Unfortunately it only serves one purpose—serving margaritas. As great as that may sound, it unfortunately takes up a lot of real estate with this large bowl on your shelf. So, you’re starting to see a new current trend where a lot more establishments are starting to serve their margaritas in this rocks glass. Looks just as nice, a little more upscale, saves a lot more space and you can even put in this fancy ice cube.

I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply, leaving you from Centro Latin Kitchen with a new take on your glassware.


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Excalibur Breeze Perfection Stemeless Wine Glass Islande Hi-Ball Glass Excalibur Beverage Glass
Excalibur Breeze Perfection Stemless Wine Glass Islande Hi-Ball Glass Excalibur Beverage Glass
Barware Footed Belgian Beer Glass Beer Can Glass Excalibur Margarita Glass Cabernet Rocks Glass
Barware Footed Belgian Beer Glass Beer Can Glass Excalibur Margarita Glass Cabernet Rocks Glass
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Trends in Glassware

glassware-wineFashion is fickle—I think we can all agree on that. In the last 50 years we’ve witnessed bellbottoms, the powersuit, grunge, hipsters and lumbersexuals. In many ways, fashion trends extend beyond the clothes we wear to the places we inhabit. More restaurants are stripping their interiors to their structural bones, showcasing exposed ventilation, decades old brick walls, and pairing it with warm, rustic tables.

When you open a restaurant, you should probably spend as much (or even more) time on the design than you do on the food. Why? These details are your first impression to the diner and help set an expectation for their meal and dining experience. And even then, diners will drink something long before they have a taste of something from your kitchen.

So what do you do?

Glassware is the easiest way to affect the mood and appearance of your restaurant. Think about it—if you charge $7 for a gin and tonic, what if I told you that you could charge $11 for the same gin and tonic, but served in a more elegant way? Perhaps you serve it in a wide rocks glass to accommodate a single large ice cube, or you add a lemon or lime twist. I’ve even seen some bars add a sprinkling of lavender petals on top of an orange slice to enhance the appearance of their lavender cocktail. Perception is proportionate to value, and you may find diners are willing to pay more if they deem it worth the price.

Let’s take a few familiar industry favorites and find out new ways to reinvent them:

GET Enterprises - 6616-1-2-R - 16 oz Red Pebbled Tumbler

GET Enterprises – 6616-1-2-R – 16 oz Red Pebbled Tumbler

1. Red Tumbler

The classic, plastic red tumbler (like this one from GET Enterprises) has been seen for decades in diners and dives alike. These all-purpose cups are in it for the long haul—and by long haul, we’re guessing you’ve had them for at least 10 years already. Designed to add some color to the table, you may find the red tint also changes the appearance of most beverages to a muddled, brown color.


Instead try…

Cambro - LT16 - Laguna® 16 oz Hammered Finish Tumbler

Cambro – LT16 – Laguna® 16 oz Hammered Finish Tumbler

Clear Tumbler

It doesn’t cost much more, but you’ll instantly transform your patron’s perspective by opting for something more similar to glass. This Laguna Hammered Finish Tumbler from Cambro not only hides water spots and scratches, but it’ll have the same look and feel of glass.

Thinking of spending even a little more? Try the polycarbonate Tom Collins Glass, like this one from Thunder Group. More expensive than the red tumbler, but much cheaper than glass, you’ll have the durability of plastic with the beauty and appeal of glassware.


Cardinal - 15442 - 12 oz Excalibur Margarita Glass

Cardinal – 15442 – 12 oz Excalibur Margarita Glass

2. Margarita Glass

The classic “inverted sombrero” shape of the margarita glass has been synonymous with its potent namesake since at least the 1950s. Still, the margarita glass serves just one distinct purpose—to serve margaritas; this is fine if your restaurant specializes in this popular beverage, but if a margarita is just one of many cocktails you serve, you may find shelf size at your restaurant comes at a premium. Sure some establishments have tried to make this glass perform double-duty by serving guacamole and even shrimp cocktails (we’re looking at you, 1980s), but suffice it to say this glass takes up a lot of shelf space for little return.

Instead try…

Cardinal - 10007 - 10 1/2 oz Cabernet Rocks Glass

Cardinal – 10007 – 10 1/2 oz Cabernet Rocks Glass

Rocks Glass

If margaritas aren’t your main cocktail, or if you’re hoping to give your restaurant an update, try serving the beverage in a double old-fashioned or rocks glass, like this Cabernet Rocks glass from Cardinal).

More and more casual and fine dining restaurants are updating the classic boozy beverage by giving it an elevated look that diners enjoy. Salting the rim is a snap, and you’ve just cut down on your glassware expense.


Cardinal - 71083 - 10 1/2 oz Excalibur Tall Wine Glass

Cardinal – 71083 – 10 1/2 oz Excalibur Tall Wine Glass

3. Traditional Wine Glass
The traditional wine glass is a tried and true favorite, typically consisting of softly-rounded edges and a tall stem meant for holding. Though some say the stem is to prevent dirty smudges from appearing on your glass (which it will), the presence of a stem is actually to ensure that you don’t inadvertently warm your wine.

Although beautiful, a slim, delicate stem makes for a precarious design in a busy, commercial setting. You may have to replace stemmed wine glasses more regularly due to their instability.

Instead try…

 Cardinal - C8832 - 9 oz Perfection Tumbler

Cardinal – C8832 – 9 oz Perfection Tumbler

Stemless Wine Glass

This trendy take on the classic wine glass not only minimizes the occurrence of breakage, but you’ll soon love the versatility of the stemless wine glass (like this Perfection Tumbler from Cardinal Glassware). In addition to red or white pours, you can also give both iced tea and soft drinks an elevated touch when you serve it in these glasses. Just make sure you opt for either fully tempered glass or kwarx so you have something more durable.

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Choose the Right Glass For Your Beer! [Video]

With Oktoberfest quickly approaching, it’s important for every beer enthusiast, from casual to zealous, to brush up on their knowledge of glassware. There’s nothing like mismatching a beer and a glass to instantly label yourself as a novice beer drinker and earn the scorn of fellow Oktoberfest-goers; so be sure to save yourself the embarrassment and get the most out of your beer! Michael Memsic, co-founder of Sanitas Brewing Company, provides a walk through of a variety of common beer glasses, and how they enhance the taste, appearance, and aroma of their appropriately matched brew.

Get the Glasses!

And find more glasses here!


Video Transcription:

Welcome to Sanitas Brewing Company. Today we decided to partner up with our neighbors and friends over at Tundra to talk a little bit about glassware and why we use the glassware that we use.

To start going down the glassware, we have the shaker pint. A lot of people are using this as a pint; we feel that this is the incorrect pour. It’s for making a martini. This is for … as a shaker pint. That’s why it’s called the shaker pint.

We feel that a better product to use for that is the custom pint glass. This has got a little bit of curvature. It’s a little bit nicer in your hand, a little bit narrower down at the base. We’ve got a little bit better roll of foam coming both in and out of beer glass, so it’s a little bit nicer of a pour overall.

When we move a little farther, we get into a traditional British style or European style mug glass. This guy is perfect for your English-style mild, maybe a Scotch ale, a light European lager. This is a nice glass. You’re not going to hold a lot of retention in this. You’re not going to get a lot of special aromatic or anything. It’s a straightforward pour out of there.

We move on. Next we have our Belgian tulip glass. This is what Sanitas uses for all of our specialty beers. What’s really nice about this glass is, with this curvature coming up the side, we retain a lot of flavor and aroma in the glass until you’re ready to actually consume the beer, so that when you come all the way through it’s going to give you that nice blast of the aroma of the beer. Also we have this little lip right here that’s going to help us with our foam retention and keep a nice thin layer of foam on top.

The next glass we’re getting to is what we use as our saison glass. This is a glass that has a lot of similar properties as the Belgian tulip glass. With our saison we want a presentation with about a half-inch head throughout the pour, throughout the customer’s experience, and this upward tulip up here really helps with that retention. We also hold a lot of those aromatic properties so that you get the aroma experience as you drink.

Now we’re getting into two of our both pilsner and Hefeweizen glass, or pilsner and pilsner. This is a tall, thin glass, similar in volume to the other guys. This guy does a great job of showing off the pilsner. Pilsner is that really light straw color, really high clarity, watching the bubbles come up throughout the entire thing. These things are great with some nucleation sites on the bottom. This is a glass that really helps show off the pilsner pour.

This guy is obviously a larger volume, is going to do a similar type of thing … a little bit of curvature coming at the top hold in a little bit more head retention; but again, this is one of those that’s really going to show off the appearance and look of the beers.

As an example, we can pour a saison right now. This is Sanita’s saison. This is one of flagship beers here. Cheers! There we have it. Nice thick head, good presentation for our customer.

Thanks for joining us.



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Glassware 101: A Guide to Choosing the Right Drinking Glass


Choosing glassware that compliments your business or home is key. Glassware can set the mood for your dining room, bar and at home entertaining requirements. Choosing glassware that best suits your beverage needs is important to your dining guests. eTundra offers glassware in a variety of styles and options including: high-ball glasses, cocktail glasses, collins glasses, wine glasses and more.

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