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You Asked, We Tested: Will Citrus Acid Damage a Juicer? [Video]

A customer recently asked if the acid from continually juicing citrus fruits would cause damage to the juicer itself. We put the juicer cone up to the test in this video!

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Swingin’ Jazz” by Nicolai Heidlas is licensed under CC BY 3.0

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The Juiciest Trend This Season

Fresh Orange Juice & Half OrangeJuicing has become more and more popular and at an average of $8 per drink, there’s big profit in adding juice to your menu. But why are consumers willing to spend such a high price for these drinks?

First off, consider the price of a decent juicer or blender and what it would cost a consumer to begin juicing from home. Unfortunately, the appliance is not cheap, because the motor of a standard household blender can’t take on the power needed
to ground up the rinds and seeds used in whole juicing.

There’s also a big difference between the final costs of organic, local ingredients for a restaurant versus a consumer. Once the consumer is done hitting up the natural market for all of those fruits and vegetables, their final price is well over that $8.

Juicing is a total meal replacement, and when it comes to choosing between spending that $8 on a fast-food meal or healthy juice, consumers are quickly making the health conscious choice. In fact, juice bars are reporting profits of more than 19% year over year.

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