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Choosing a POS System That Best Fits Your Restaurant

When choosing a POS system for your restaurant, there are many things to consider. One must choose the system that will best suit the needs of the type of restaurant in question. However, every restaurant needs a terminal that allows them to place orders for food and drinks that are then transferred to a kitchen where the orders can be carried out.

The first criteria one must keep in mind is finding the right POS system that best suits their type of restaurant, including:

  • Fine dining and casual table service
  • Nightclubs which provide limited amounts of food or none at all (drinks only)
  • Quick Service Restaurants (fast food)
  • Pizza takeout and delivery.

Each of these types of restaurants are in need of some sort of POS system.

In addition to the stations themselves, the owner must choose a database that will store the data that is needed on a day-to-day basis. The majority of professionals dealing with POS systems would agree that their preferred type of database for restaurants is the SQL, Structured Query Language.

The advantage that SQL provides is the ability for the operator to experience as little data corruption as possible. Stability is something that should come expectedly, and without question, when purchasing a quality POS system. There should be no need for repairs here and there to correct issues with failure and/or corruption.

When purchasing a POS system, it is also very important that the terminal updates any changes within seconds, without the need for rebooting or manually giving commands.

A crucial aspect of the POS system is the printer.

It is imperative that the chosen system operates with a dedicated print server. This server ensures that at any time a printer becomes offline or runs out of paper, the job will within seconds be rerouted to a backup printer. Before buying a POS system, one must be aware of the time it takes to reroute a job. If minutes pass by before a problem is detected, customer satisfaction could decline due to the lack of timeliness in processing an order. In the restaurant industry, timing is everything.

System restoration is an integral part of the POS system that will keep your business running smoothly.

In the event that something should go wrong with your POS system, there must be a plan within to restore itself. Remote backup is crucial for single station restaurants. You must ask your provider if they can rapidly deploy new hardware with a backup copy of all data, including all open checks, since there is only one station. If the restaurant has multiple stations, they should be networked together for ultimate redundancy. If one unit fails, the rest will continue operating as if nothing happened.

Finally, there is one last thing to ensure before deciding on a POS system that best fits your restaurant’s needs: make sure that the system is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant.

Whether the business is brand new or has been in operation for a number of years, it is imperative that the owner finds the POS system with all the essentials that best fit the needs of the restaurant, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Curtis Stevens is a sales rep for, a point of sale provider that offers a free POS system.

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Scheduling Your Way to High Customer Praise

In order to survive (and thrive!) in a dynamic and fast-changing industry, food and beverage businesses need tools and services that help with management and scheduling to make the day-to-day and overall business run smoothly and efficiently. Whether you have a fairly regular schedule, or your business runs on irregular events, effective staff scheduling is essential. But before you can schedule efficiently, you need an effective scheduling software application.

Effective scheduling software essentially implies that, overall, you save time and money. Streamlining your business processes and, furthermore, doing it from one integrated, centralized platform makes your end goal of increasing your net profit, much easier and attainable.

A management application that is scalable, flexible and adaptable give food and beverage businesses the buffer zone they need, as well as the resources to grow. In an industry where most employees are interacting regularly with customers, your business’ success relies heavily on presentation. With staff scheduling under control, you will offer better services, avoid looking frantic or under pressure, be more present and confident and ultimately develop higher customer praise – which then increases your net profit!

On top of that, having a realistic understanding what you and your employees can achieve in any given amount of time and having a better planning method to make the best use of the available time will improve your business functionality.


Managers are able to stay on top of their business operations, which will happen faster and smoother, with more efficient scheduling. This is beneficial for both the business and the customers. Scheduling with better communication and being more resilient to change will make your food and beverage business run more seamlessly.

Does your business need an accurate and efficient scheduling? You, too, can schedule your way to customer praise and see the results by increasing your net profits.

Ming Ong regularly blogs about staff scheduling and workforce management for ShiftPlanning Inc.

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