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Enter to Win a FREE Vitamix!

Enter to win a free vitamix!From now until September 25th, you can enter for a chance to win a Vitamix 1005 Vita-Prep® 3 64 oz Commercial Food Blender!

Featuring unparalleled power and performance, you’ll love the durable container, 3-HP Motor and variable speed control perfect for tackling delicate jobs alongside workhorse purées.

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When it comes to blenders, Vitamix is a Tundra Top Pick!

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Enter to Win a Vitamix Vita Prep!


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“The Vitamix is a blender like a predator drone is a slingshot.”

That’s how Brad Johnson, operations manager at Vitamix, describes these powerful machines. They don’t just blend. They can puree, chop, or grind anything you throw their way. Seriously. Ask any Vitamix owner and you’ll get an impassioned treatise on the wonders of these food prep machines.

But you probably already knew that. So we’ll cut to the chase: We’re giving away a brand new Vitamix Vita-Prep commercial blender to one lucky person. And who knows , maybe YOU will be that lucky person! Just visit this page to enter your name into the drawing. (It takes less than 10 seconds; you get extra entries if you share with friends.)

The Vitamix Vita Prep is a special blender. Designed to meet the demands of busy commercial kitchens, it boasts a 2-horsepower motor, Variable Speed Control and patented accelerator tool for blending everything from heirloom tomatoes to celery roots.

So don’t wait any longer. Visit this page and throw your name into the proverbial hat. You might be the new owner of a shiny new Vitamix blender!

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What Makes Vitamix …

Vitamix 5200When you type the phrase “what makes vitamix” into Google, you get the following auto-complete suggestions: “what makes vitamix so great,” “what makes vitamix so special” and “what makes vitamix so expensive.” Let’s tackle these FAQs one by one!

What Makes Vitamix So Great?

Instead of delving into the mechanics of how Vitamix blenders work or detailing how uniquely powerful they are, I’ll focus on the result of all that precise engineering and impressive horsepower: amazingly consistent smoothies, soups and sauces, regardless of the ingredients.

More than anything, it’s the smooth, silky “mouthfeel” that wins people (and corporations like Starbucks) over. With Vitamix, you don’t get uneven blends. You don’t get tiny bits of kale stuck in your teeth. No shards of ice will block your straw.

In an exhaustive blender comparison, Cooks Illustrated crowned Vitamix king, due to its performance in a variety of tests and equally important, its toughness in the face of heavy use and challenging ingredients. “Its exceptional durability (not to mention seven-year warranty) makes it cheaper in the long run than a less expensive blender that needs continual replacing,” they wrote.

What Makes Vitamix So Special?

Part of what makes Vitamix special is its enormous grassroots popularity. Very few kitchen appliances inspire as much fanatical devotion as Vitamix blenders do. (KitchenAid mixers seem to have a similarly passionate fan base.)

Even, an online news magazine notorious for its contrarian viewpoints, has unabashedly joined the pro-Vitamix chorus. Food writer Catherine Price:

When you first buy a Vitamix 5200, the so-called Ferrari of blenders, two thoughts are likely to pass through your mind. The first is “Did I really just spend more than $400 on a blender?” And the second is “This machine is going to change my life.”

Modern marketing campaigns are predicated on the promise, implicit or explicit, of a better life. Our basements and kitchen cabinets fill up with exercise equipment and appliances that we purchase in hopes of improving our health and well being. Most of the time, these gadgets collect dust, seem to mock our attempts at self-improvement, and eventually find their way to the nearest Goodwill.

But when it comes Vitamix, that promise seems … legitimate, kept. If you believe the breathless reports from Vitamix owners themselves, these machines actually deliver on those bold promises of betterment.

What Makes Vitamix So Expensive?

Let’s not beat around the bush: these machines are SPENDY. Prices start around $400 and go (way) up from there. When you can purchase a blender for $30 from Walmart, the leap to a Vitamix might seem reckless—or pointless. After all, how much better could they be?

But every Vitamix owner I’ve spoken to (several, as a matter of fact; they love to spread the Vitamix gospel) has expressed approximately ZERO buyer’s remorse.

As someone who doesn’t own a Vitamix (yet) I understand the qualms about the pricetag. That said, I’ve started to wonder … what if these Vitamix fans are on to something?

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How to Replace a Vitamix Blade Assembly [Video]

Whether a Vitamix blender is crucial to your business, or if you simply like the ease and efficiency of mixing they provide, you know that keeping sharp blades is key to good operation. If your blades begin to dull, you can simply replace the blade assembly itself, without having to go out and but an entire new container (unless the container is worn out as well!). For this process, you will need a Vitamix Retainer Wrench.

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Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply. In today’s episode I’m going to show you how to change the blade assembly in your Vitamix prep container.

Pretty much what we have here is our retainer nut wrench by Vitamix; unique for its blade assembly replacements. As well as, we have a 64 ounce Vita prep container here. First you’re going to take off the lid as that’s not needed. Turn your container upside down. The nice thing is this wrench, that hole is going to fit right over your drive socket. It only fits one way and from there lefty loosey.

You want to be careful with those blades because they might be sharp still. I’m using a rag to grab a hold of that blade. That nut comes off and your blade assembly should just pop right out. Go ahead and take that old one. We can discard that. Now you have your empty container and your nut.

Now we’re going to get our new blade assembly. You’ll notice on the blade assembly there are two flat sides. That’s going to correspond with the two flat sides on the bottom of your container. Again, be careful just using a rag here. You could also use a cut glove, the Chain Mail Steel Mesh. Pretty much that way you don’t create any nicks on your fingers as you’re trying to replace this. In there it should just snap in place. Get our retaining nut. You can go ahead and screw that on finger tight for the time being.

Then get our retainer nut wrench by Vitamix again. We’ll tighten this piece back into place. There you have it, replacing the blade assembly on your Vitamix container.

I’m Chris Tavano from Tundra Restaurant Supply. That’s how you change your Vitamix blade assembly. Join us again next time.

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How to Replace a Vitamix Drive Socket [Video]

Has your Vitamix blender broken down? If you can hear the motor working, but the blades aren’t spinning correctly, chances are that the drive socket just needs to be replaced. In this video, Chris Tavano walks you through the procedure to get your Vitamix back in working shape!

To be sure that your Vitamix is never down for long, make sure to always keep an extra drive socket on hand!


Find more Vitamix replacement parts, and much more, here

Replacement Process:

  • Turn off and unplug Vitamix
  • Remove centering pad
  • Line up the “Vitamix” name stamped on the top of the drive socket with the small hole in the back of the housing
  • Insert the allen wrench at a 45-degree angle into the hole and unscrew the drive socket
  • Remove the old drive socket, and insert the new one in the same position
  • Re-insert the allen wrench and tighten the drive socket into the housing
  • Replace the centering pad
  • Mix away!

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Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply and in this episode, we’re going to show you how to troubleshoot and fix a common error with your Vitamix Blender.

So a common problem that you can see with your Vitamix Blender is your drive socket gets worn out and therefore, can’t spin your blade assembly correctly. So you may be asking yourself, why is the drive socket so important? Well, first and foremost it is really the only thing between you and the motor and the blade; as well, the drive socket works as a silencer to keep this baby running soft and silent.

So a couple of ways to identify if your Vitamix Blender is not running properly and if it really is the drive socket, is if you turn it on and you hear the motor running, but you don’t see the blade spinning. Common causes for this issue, could be many. You could be taking a container off of the motor before it stops running, or vice versa your putting the container on the motor while it is running. Another commonality would be you have a foreign object in your container, and it’s prohibiting the blade from spinning properly. Also, if you’re running your Vitamix Blender without the centering pad in place. And a last occurrence of why it could grind out the teeth on your drive socket, is you’re trying to tilt the container to move around your ingredients while the motor is running. And also, it’s important to know that you can wear out your drive socket by not using the correct Vitamix component part.

So what you want to do first, before doing any maintenance on your Vitamix Blender is first, be sure it’s unplugged, and in the off position. From there you’d want to remove your container because it’s not going to be needed and then you’re going to want to take off your centering pad, which is really easy, it peels right back. And then from there, you’re going to want to look at the little housing for the drive socket and find the hole, and on top of the drive socket, you’re going to see the brand name, Vitamix and a little arrow. You want to line the arrow up with the hole in the housing. From there, you’re going to take your 5/64 Allen wrench, place it down at a 45 degree angle, righty-tighty, lefty-loosy, and the drive socket should pop right out. Again, if you’re having a little bit of trouble having that drive socket pop out, you can just use a flat-headed screwdriver to help get some leverage underneath there. From there, you want to get your new drive socket, it’s got a square bolt, so it only fits one way in the housing; and again you’ll want to line up your Vitamix brand name with the arrow to the back of the housing where that hole is, place it in place. Again, it only goes on one way on the square nut. Get your 5/64 Hex wrench back at a 45 degree angle in that housing hole. 

And the good news is, that we have these parts in stock in our inventory here at Tundra, as well as, there’s no minimum order and they ship the day you order it. 

Peel your rubber centering pad right back over the drive socket and there you go.

And I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply, here’s to a better mise en place!

And if you have any other ideas for DIY videos, Please comment below.

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