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Commonly Asked Questions: Burners, Fryers and Ovens

QA-TundraAt Tundra Restaurant Supply, many of our customer service representatives are also service technicians, which is great when it comes to answering your questions about DIY. We regularly educate customers on DIY because we want to save you money. Stop shelling out hundreds of dollars on a technician call or a new piece of equipment—pick up the part you need and make the swap yourself. You’ll be surprised just how easy most problems are to fix yourself.

We regularly receive lots of questions through our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram or Pinterest), on the phone or here on the blog. Check to see if any of these questions sound familiar!

Question #1 – When You Don’t Like it Hot (hot, hot)
“I have an old wolf challenger range c1975, and after replacing thermocouple and thermostat it has a problem with maintaining a low temperature. It can’t stay at 250 [degrees]. It gets too hot. Any ideas? Could it be the bypass flame? Is it too high?” – Douglas

Answer: Flame
The bypass flame could be the culprit, but without seeing your unit directly it’s tough to know exactly what’s happening. You want that flame turned down so low so that the flame is almost floating on the burner. The only reason it’s on is so when the burners light, there isn’t a giant explosion of gas. Give us a call for 1-888-388-6372 (or contact us online) for more information.

Question #2 – Mm, Donuts.
“I have an Avalon gas donut fryer that was working fine until one day I changed the oil and accidentally touched the sensor. Now when frying donuts at 400 degrees, every time I drop in the donuts the temps drops down to 350. So I would have to wait for the temperature to go back up to 400 again in order to do another batch. If it’s one of the mentioned problems, where can I get the spare part. Thank you in advance.” – Zack

Answer: Part Swap
Sounds as though the thermostat has become weak and is not coming back on when it has that 7-10 degree temp drop. I’m not sure what thermostat it uses. If you could take a look at it and maybe get some numbers off of it we may be able to get what you need.

Question #3
“I have blodgett 981 pizza ovens, and both have all new valves that shut off. The pilot valve above shut offs, as well as the thermocouple. One oven has worked about 1 month. The other oven will light, but it will only burn about 35-40- minutes then shut off. If you hold pilot knob down a couple of minutes it will relight. However, the 1st oven just quit. Can you help?” – Bob

Answer: A Little DIY Is All You Need
Because of the replacement kit this is a recurring problem. The capillary tube of the thermocouple that is exposed in the burner compartment is overheating, causing the entire unit to shut down. What is needed is a high heat insulation to wrap that exposed part of the capillary tube in the burner compartment.

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  1. My GE oven is not working right when I turn it on it won’t light when I turn it off it lights and will not go off we had to turn the Propaighn off to it to make it go off can you please help what can we do I can’t afford a new stove.

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