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Restaurants Need To Catch Up On Technology

Restaurant Technology TrendsAt the National Restaurant Association’s annual trade show last month, a lot of restaurateurs were talking about the technology gap in the food service industry.  Big chains like T.G.I.Friday’s and Hard Rock Café have already begun to introduce digital gadgetry into their restaurants as a way to connect with younger customers.  And much has been written over the last year about how the battle for customers has moved online.

But despite these modest gains, food service as a whole lags far behind when it comes to incorporating technological advances into their operations and marketing.  That’s because until recently it was hard for restaurateurs to see the gains in sales that could be tied directly to investments in technology like interactive digital signage or a comprehensive website.

Now the time has arrived where restaurants that don’t make these investments are simply going to be left behind as the Millenium Generation gains more and more buying power and therefore preferences for restaurants with a strong foundation in technology go up.

Technology has the added benefit of improving the efficiency and capacity of your operation, if it’s leveraged properly.  The main problem restaurants encounter is justifying the up-front expenses technology upgrades entail, and this problem explains why many restaurants have not yet made the leap.

Does your restaurant need to catch up?  Check out the seven hottest technology trends in food service.

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  1. This is a very interesting perspective that could be of value to many a restaurant service provider. As many consumers become increasingly attached to their mobile technology, the ability for service providers to reach out locally is an untapped marketing resource. Imagine being able to send the daily specials to all customers in a 25 mile radius or to reach out to a potential customer and offer them a service customized to them as an individual.

    • Good point Melissa! I’ve actually blogged in the past about the incredible potential technology has for restaurant marketing, including poster ads with a microchip that communicates directly with your phone among other things.

  2. Every business is dependent on customers; therefore to make a business successful one has to bring more n more customers to his/her business. In case of restaurants, market using social media sites, change menus to electronic menu boards, advertise on billboards (though it is expensive but result is also better).

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