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Your Website Is Losing You Money

Why People Go Online

Let’s say someone is hungry for a burger.  They search in Google “best burger near me” and your awesome burger restaurant’s website comes up.  You would think every single person like that would come eat with you, right?  WRONG.

People come to your website to find reasons why not to spend money with you.  Think about it, how did they get to your website?  It wasn’t luck.  They clicked on something that caught their interest – which means they had an interest in the first place and whatever they clicked on thought the page on the other side would address their interest.

Google Search Screen

People search in Google for things they want to buy. What happens when your website comes up?

How People Buy

Every time someone thinks about your business, they go through these steps.

How People Buy Pyramid

  1.  Trigger
  2. Unaided Options (Awareness)
  3. Research (Opinion)
  4. Consideration Set (Consideration)
  5. Final Choices (Intention)
  6. Selection (Sale!)

How People Choose Restaurants Today:

  1. “I’m Hungry!”
  2. What am I in the mood for?  Where am I craving?
  3. Let’s search for burgers (Google search on burgers)
  4. Click on a few options
  5. Pick the one that is best for you
  6. Go eat!

Hungry Man
Photo Credit: Outsmarting Your Hungry Hormones

Restaurant Chalk Board Deals What This Means For You

When people arrive on your website, you’ve made it into their consideration set. So if they were already interested, and they thought your website would give them the answer they were looking for, why wouldn’t they come?  Maybe your restaurant is too far.  Maybe they don’t like the menu.  Maybe they don’t like the

vibe of your website (which they assume is the vibe of your restaurant).  Maybe they decided to order in or cook at home.  All of these are possible.

How To Win More Customers

How can you combat these objections?  A little incentive makes everyone decide more quickly – that’s why you run specials that you put in front of your restaurants on a chalkboard for people walking by or offer specials on TV/Radio.  It creates awareness and excitement around your offering.  The web is no different.  By putting a small carrot online that someone can take advantage of, you can turn their potential interest into your gain.

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