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[Buying Guide] Commercial Toasters


The first mistake any restaurateur makes when it comes to purchasing equipment is thinking that your common at-home variety of toaster can do the same job serving a commercial audience. We get it, toasting a piece of bread should be easy right? Nothing a $20 appliance couldn’t do on its own.


There’s a big difference between toasting up some bread slices for a family of four, versus hundreds of diners. Don’t believe us? Try toasting bread nonstop for a service and see how long your $20 toaster lasts (we guess 1 hour).

When it comes to commercial toasters, the first thing you notice is the higher price tag. But there’s good news too! That higher price tag comes with a more durable piece of equipment designed to meet the high demand of a commercial business. And most commercial toasters fall into light, medium or heavy duty categories so you’re sure to find the right toaster to accommodate your needs. That’s why we love the variety of toasters by Holman toasters—their expansive product line ensures you have everything you need.

Interested in learning more about commercial toasters? Check out our free Commercial Toaster Buying Guide which breaks down different types of toasters, buying decisions, additional features you should consider & more!


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