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The Perfect Holiday Gifts For Foodies

A foodie, in its simplest form, is a person who has an enthusiastic interest in the preparation and consumption of good food. They know the best restaurant and you never turn down an invitation for dinner – or should I say a seven-course culinary experience.

And yet, foodies are sometimes the hardest people to shop for because they either already have the latest kitchen gadget, or they’ll be disappointed by the simplicity of the gift.  When it comes to gift giving for these fickle fiends, there is one rule of thumb: commercial is key.

Foodies pride themselves on having the best quality cookware, worthy of any five-star restaurant.   When most people hear “commercial quality” they think high-dollar products. True, a commercial range can be pricey, but don’t be discouraged, there are always accessories with a much more wallet-friendly price tag! Here we will talk about gift ideas for 3 distinct types of foodies that is sure to please and guarantee another dinner party invite in the near future.

The “Chef” Foodie

Avocado Slicer

This type of foodie considers themselves to be culinary masters. It’s all about a savory, explosion of flavor – taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary.   Food prep accessories are guaranteed to be a hit, and there are plenty for every price range.
  You may not be able to borrow a recipe from them because the spices are so unique, but leave them to the cooking – just show them you know their spice passion with this Commercial Spice Grinder.
 Decorating Tool Set Plating is all about setting up the absolute best experience in tasting. A sprig of parsley is no longer enough, but you’ve got this one too because no culinary master is set without an official Decorating and Carving tools set.
MicroTorch One of the best parts of restaurant dining is dessert! But the time it takes to perfect crème brulee is far too long, but you know that won’t stop this culinary foodie – help them get a head start on holiday sweets with a Butane Micro Torch.


The “Drink” Foodie

Bar Supplies a visit to this foodie’s basement bar is like a time warp back to the 1970’s when the cocktail was king. They can turn a beer drinker into a martini drinker, and have you schooled in whiskey 101 before your departure.  This foodie is all about purity of the drink.
 Martini Chiller Did you know there were literally thousands of different types of drinking glasses?  From highball glasses to copper cups, this type of foodie loves the idea of showcasing their mixology talents – like this martini chiller.
  Who doesn’t love homemade sangrias, especially when served for the masses? That is, if you can get a glass before it’s all gone.
  And those cold winter nights (or mornings, no judgment), nothing perks you up and keeps you warm like a cup of Irish coffee. But a “Drink” Foodie’s version – with imported beans from Guatamala – is matched by no other.


The “Host” Foodie

 Dining room supplies For the “Host” Foodie, it’s all about presentation: a different plate for each course, a different glass for each drink, a different napkin fold for each day of the week and if you need to know which fork to use, they are the flatware guru.  Shopping is easy for this foodie – it’s time to hit the dining room supplies!
  Some people don’t repeat outfits, these foodies don’t repeat platters.
 Salt and pepper mills It could be a bowl of cereal being served, but as long as the table is dressed with these beautiful salt and pepper meals, this foodie is happy!
 Dutch ovens The “Host” Foodie knows that the best cookware is the type that can go from the oven to the table and not disappoint.


Understanding foodies is part of who we are here at Tundra, especially since most of us classify ourselves as foodies as well.  As a company we’re proud to sell to restaurants and the everyday aspiring chef.

Good luck with your holiday shopping and remember:  the best gift is giving the perfect gift.

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