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Tundra Restaurant Supply

Interested in Tundra’s culture, employees or history? This is our story. This is what we believe in & how we work – it’s all fun here!

Meet a Tundrite: Jeff Day

Jeff Day, VP of E-commerce Favorite kitchen tool: Vitamix blender. I just got one, and I swear my old blender from Target actually cried. These machines make the most amazingly consistent smoothies. Years with Tundra: 2 years. Nickname: Captain Awesome. That’s my daily affirmation for myself. No one has ever …

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Why is Restaurant Concept Important?

Restaurant Concept

Finding a restaurant concept is often times under-appreciated, which is likely one reason why so many restaurants fail within the first couple of years.  In truth, the concept of a restaurant is just as important as finding the right chef and location.  It helps you discover more about the environment …

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Shopping for the Right Knife

When shopping for cutlery, there are plenty of different price points for knives suggesting a range of qualities. Picking the right knife comes down to how it feels in your hand when you’re cutting. Most chefs would recommend cutting with a friend’s knife before purchasing a new one, but if …

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Stainless Steel Gauge and Series

Looking for a stainless steel work table, and need help deciphering between the gauge and series assigned to the tables? Don’t feel lost; some people say that stainless steel is magnetic, while some say it’s not. The truth is, both statements are correct, but it depends on what series the …

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Stay Safe With Tucker BurnGuard Oven Mitts

You’ve likely thought everything through when it comes to ensuring you and your staff’s safety in the kitchen. More often than not, however, one of the easiest protective pieces gets overlooked. Cotton oven mitts are not a sufficient barrier from the likely perils of a commercial kitchen. They do not …

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Lead Free Standards Now in Every State

Since January, 2010, there has been a nationwide push to make more and more states require low lead levels in plumbing and piping products that come in contact with water for human consumption.  California and Vermont jumped right on board, and two years later, Maryland and Louisiana followed suit. Now …

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Talking to Customers Through Signage

If you haven’t done a search lately for funny restaurant signs, you’re missing out on a goldmine of restaurant humor.  From chalkboard sandwich boards to tabletop tents, restaurants are expressing their messages to customers with a bit of comical tone. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all signage needs be humorous. …

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DayMark Food Labels

You may be familiar with First In, First Out (FIFO), an organization system for keeping food at its freshest, but did you know that a big part of FIFO is making sure to use food rotation labels? DayMark is well known for providing safety systems to help businesses maintain a healthy …

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