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Happy Black Friday!


That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, it’s that special time of year when we chase deep discounts and spend with wild (yet savvy) abandon!

Online vs. Offline? No Contest

The best thing about shopping in online, of course, is you don’t need to wake up at 4am and camp out in the bitter cold before the store opens, or wrestle with rabid deal-seekers for the scraps.

When you shop on the web, you don’t even need change out of your pajamas.

You can be a bit more—how do you say—civilized in your Black Friday shopping. Why not eat some turkey leftovers while you peacefully click with your cursor and find what you need? Forget getting in the car. Just check your email: the deals will have come to YOU through a series of tubes leading to your computer. Magic.

That’s how holiday shopping should be, right? Why make this more difficult than it has to be?

Black Friday at Tundra

Here at Tundra Restaurant Supply, we’re celebrating this high holy day of commerce with a humongous site-wide sale:

Take 15% off any order, no minimum purchase. Just use the code NOVBLK2013 at checkout.*

So whether you need a shiny new piece of equipment or a small yet essential spare part, today is a fantastic time to pick it up. Shop our thousands of sale items and make your savings go even further.

Don’t Miss It!

Alas, Black Friday can’t last forever, so don’t wait too long to enjoy deep discounts on Tundra’s extensive menu of restaurant equipment, supplies and parts, because the savings end tomorrow at 11:59pm MST.

Here’s what to do now: make yourself a nice leftover turkey sandwich, put on some Vince Guaraldi, do a few quick cursor-finger exercises and click over to (Careful not to get any cranberry sauce on your keyboard.)

Then, after you’ve saved some money on your holiday shopping, sit back and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Happy Black Friday, everyone.

*Max. savings $150

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