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Choose the Right Glass For Your Beer! [Video]

With Oktoberfest quickly approaching, it’s important for every beer enthusiast, from casual to zealous, to brush up on their knowledge of glassware. There’s nothing like mismatching a beer and a glass to instantly label yourself as a novice beer drinker and earn the scorn of fellow Oktoberfest-goers; so be sure to save yourself the embarrassment and get the most out of your beer! Michael Memsic, co-founder of Sanitas Brewing Company, provides a walk through of a variety of common beer glasses, and how they enhance the taste, appearance, and aroma of their appropriately matched brew.

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Video Transcription:

Welcome to Sanitas Brewing Company. Today we decided to partner up with our neighbors and friends over at Tundra to talk a little bit about glassware and why we use the glassware that we use.

To start going down the glassware, we have the shaker pint. A lot of people are using this as a pint; we feel that this is the incorrect pour. It’s for making a martini. This is for … as a shaker pint. That’s why it’s called the shaker pint.

We feel that a better product to use for that is the custom pint glass. This has got a little bit of curvature. It’s a little bit nicer in your hand, a little bit narrower down at the base. We’ve got a little bit better roll of foam coming both in and out of beer glass, so it’s a little bit nicer of a pour overall.

When we move a little farther, we get into a traditional British style or European style mug glass. This guy is perfect for your English-style mild, maybe a Scotch ale, a light European lager. This is a nice glass. You’re not going to hold a lot of retention in this. You’re not going to get a lot of special aromatic or anything. It’s a straightforward pour out of there.

We move on. Next we have our Belgian tulip glass. This is what Sanitas uses for all of our specialty beers. What’s really nice about this glass is, with this curvature coming up the side, we retain a lot of flavor and aroma in the glass until you’re ready to actually consume the beer, so that when you come all the way through it’s going to give you that nice blast of the aroma of the beer. Also we have this little lip right here that’s going to help us with our foam retention and keep a nice thin layer of foam on top.

The next glass we’re getting to is what we use as our saison glass. This is a glass that has a lot of similar properties as the Belgian tulip glass. With our saison we want a presentation with about a half-inch head throughout the pour, throughout the customer’s experience, and this upward tulip up here really helps with that retention. We also hold a lot of those aromatic properties so that you get the aroma experience as you drink.

Now we’re getting into two of our both pilsner and Hefeweizen glass, or pilsner and pilsner. This is a tall, thin glass, similar in volume to the other guys. This guy does a great job of showing off the pilsner. Pilsner is that really light straw color, really high clarity, watching the bubbles come up throughout the entire thing. These things are great with some nucleation sites on the bottom. This is a glass that really helps show off the pilsner pour.

This guy is obviously a larger volume, is going to do a similar type of thing … a little bit of curvature coming at the top hold in a little bit more head retention; but again, this is one of those that’s really going to show off the appearance and look of the beers.

As an example, we can pour a saison right now. This is Sanita’s saison. This is one of flagship beers here. Cheers! There we have it. Nice thick head, good presentation for our customer.

Thanks for joining us.



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