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How to Find the Model Number on Your Large Appliance [Video]

Even a simple do-it-yourself repair can quickly become an ordeal by ordering the incorrect part for your broken equipment. To ensure you get the right part on the first try, make sure you are using the model number from your appliance. 

In this video, we show you where to find the model numbers on pieces of large kitchen equipment!

Once you have the model number, look for the part you need here!


Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply. Today’s episodes, we’re going to show you how to locate the model number on your equipment or appliance to ensure you order the correct replacement part. 

Here we’ve got a Southbend Range. This model number is located above the temperature knob, just below the top flange in the upper right hand corner, or it could also be found on the inside of a kick plate.

Here we have the Southbend Salamander. This model number is often found below the drip tray.

Here we have a Delfield two drawer equipment stand with a front mount compressor. Often times if you have a front mount compressor, it is found just behind the front vent grate. Here we have the Star Max counter top griddle. This is found underneath the front lift.

Here we have an Imperial charbroiler. This is commonly located on the back just above the gas input.

Here we have the Frymaster Fryer, often located on the inside panel of the door.

Here we have a Nemco Heat Lamp. This model number is located on the back post, just below the on, off switch.

Next we have an Delfield under counter refrigerator unit. This model number is located on the inside on the upper left hand corner wall.

Next we have a Globe Mixer. This model number is located right on the back post.

Next we have a CMA Dishmachine. This model number is located on the front kick plate and at the bottom. 

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