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Kitchen Tricks: How to Cut Bell Peppers [Video]

Bell peppers are an extremely versatile vegetable, but cutting them can be very difficult. In this video, Chris Tavano shows you two easy ways to quickly cut down any shape or size of pepper.

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Here in this video we’re starting off with a couple ways how to cut bell peppers.

Here we’re using our Mercer Genesis Forged High Carbon Steel Santoku Knife, seven-inches. The first method I’m going to show you is your pretty much you quarter each side, and then we’re going to get out the nice pith and inner. Then we’ll just julienne these green peppers into little strips. Great for fajitas, great for salads; again, making nice, fluid motions with the knife, constantly going forward and back. Nice julienned strips for fajitas.

We’re going to show you the second version on a bell pepper. Cut off the top like a little cap. Cut off the bottom, make a little slit; we can just roll it out like a little wheel. Some peppers are easier than others. Nice one, giant strip and then right here we can get a nice little smooth julienne for nice fajita peppers, again for salads, making nice forward motions with your knife. Nice little green pepper strips.

That’s another episode of Knife-Know-How Kitchen Efficiency Tricks. Here’s to a better mise en place!

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