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Kitchen Tricks: How to Cut a Pineapple [Video]

Pineapple is a versatile, delicious and healthy fruit, but to someone unprepared to cope with its tough spines, rind and core, it can be daunting to prepare. Use this trick, demonstrated by Chris Tavano, to quickly remove the rind and core; without the need of a specialty pineapple slicer!

Special thanks to Bar Lilly at The Broker Inn.


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Welcome back for another episode of Knife Know-How here with Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply in the kitchen of Bar Lilly at the Broker Inn in Boulder CO. The next video we’re going to show you is how to do is how to peel, segment, core and slice a pineapple from beginning to finish.

All right, so here we’ve got this nice pineapple; we’re going to tear it down with this Mercer Genesis forged 7″ santoku knife made out of high carbon stainless steel. First thing you’re going to want to do is to chop off the top; don’t necessarily throw it away, depending on it’s condition and presentation you can always keep that for centerpieces and whatnot. We’re going to cut off the bottom so it has a nice place to stand on, and from here what we’re going to do is to peel it. The biggest thing about peeling is you want to be sure you get far enough back in the flesh to be sure that none of these spines are still sticking out. So again, like segmenting an orange a little bit, just go slice by slice, getting far enough back to get all these pines off. Again from here, you don’t necessarily want to throw that away; it would be great for compost, great for vinaigrettes, whatever you want to do with that. As you see, we have a nice round core in the center, or somewhat round. Just like bell peppers, or anything else with a core, an easy way to do that is to just segment right around the core to start with. It should come off nice and smooth. If it’s actually difficult that means you’re probably going into the core itself. A nd there’s the core, it’s really tough can’t really cut through that nearly as well.

And from here we can focus on nice, pretty knife cuts. We can make little cubes, little juliennes, keep it all nice and stacked up, makes it a lot easier to work with with your knife. Depending on how ripe it is you can use all sorts of different cutting techniques to get in here and make the smallest or biggest cubes that you deem appropriate with your fruit. Keeping consistent all the way throughout. And there’s some nice fresh cubed pineapple, beginning to end!

And that’s another video of knife know how here with Chris Tavano at Tundra restaurant supply from the kitchen of Bar Lilly at the Broker Inn in Boulder, CO.

Here’s to better mise en place!

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