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Kitchen Tricks: How to Cut a Watermelon [Video]

The quintessential fruit of summer, watermelon is universally loved – whether it be in a slice eaten right off the rind, grilled, or incorporated into salads or drinks. It can be difficult, however, to cut a watermelon to get just the right size cubes or slices, but with these easy tricks, you’ll be out of the kitchen and enjoying the sun (and your watermelon)!

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Hi, I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply. In today’s episode, I’m going to show you how to prep a couple summertime fruits. Here, we’ve got a nice watermelon. The first thing, I’m going to show you how to pick out a decent watermelon. There’s a lot of backseat driver methods on the way to do this. Obviously, a lot of people talk about a lighter skin belly compared to the rest of the outer shell itself. Pretty much, that’s where it was sitting on the ground. A nice white belly is good. You always want to think about that hollow sound.

Also, keep in mind, the most important part you want a smaller watermelon that weighs a lot weight. The reason why is it means it’s juicy. Now we’re going to show you how to peel it. Here, I’m just going to cut it in half first. A little straighter cut would’ve probably helped. Nice and bright. I love the color contrast of watermelon. This first one, we’ll put here. Now we’re going to cut out our little slices first. With the rind in place … You may be thinking why. Well, one it’s easier. Two, it’s more safe. These rinds are thick, and the watermelons are big balls that just slide around. Now that we’ve got our nice cross-section slices, it’s much easier to just peel away that rind. There you go.

The nice thing about peeling a rind like this as opposed to some other methods, which I will show you here in a second as well, is that you’ll be sure that you don’t get any of that white, tough, tasteless green rind inside your watermelon. You have pure juicy flesh in there. Once you have these cross-sections, it’s just so simple to dice to whatever size you need, or want or want to present on your plates. Here’s another method on how to peel the rind off your watermelon … Much like you would a cantaloupe, although this rind’s a lot thicker. It’s nice and easy. You can see where you’ve been.

It’s the same way you’ll prep an orange or a lime or a lemon to be segmented. The key to peeling melons this way, or even orange and citrus for segmenting, is you don’t want to peel off too big of a section. Otherwise, you’re going to be ripping off more edible flesh than you really want to. I’m just trying to follow that line that we see right here, right between red and white. We just stay right behind that line. Then you can clean up a couple of other little spots of the white rind that you may have missed. We just chop off the top. Now you’ve got your whole dome watermelon. We can slice and dice it like we just did earlier.

I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply, and that’s how you dice a nice juicy watermelon. Please comment below if you’ve got any further questions, or call our sales floor directly. Please subscribe!

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