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Survive the Apocalypse with Proper Shelving [Video]

We live in an increasingly dangerous world. Oil prices are skyrocketing, international diplomatic relations are breaking down, and the global economy is teetering on the brink of ruin. Proper preparation for the pending apocalypse, while once mocked, is growing in relevance and necessity. As people around the world are beginning to take seriously the threat of social collapse, stockpiling food and supplies has grown from a fringe hobby to an almost mandatory, and certainly recommended, practice. However, after the apocalypse has arrived, you want to be sure that the survival equipment that you’ve prepared is the top of the line in quality and durability; with no possibility of a visit from a repair technician or a trip to the UPS store to return your essential piece of gear for a warranty replacement, it’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure the longevity of their survival tools, and through that, themselves as well.

Recently, Tundra came into possession of several pieces of video footage shot by the survivor of a recent near-apocalyptic incident. Though this particular event was eventually contained, we can see how the lone survivor copes with life after social collapse, with the help of some well-chosen and quality equipment.

Though we hope not to be forced into a situation like this ourselves, preparation is crucial: never cut corners in selecting the supplies that will ensure your survival! Equipment such as Camshelving, as we have seen, is strong, durable and versatile: perfect for scenarios such as this, and many others!

Special thanks to Courtney Ramey of Verde Food Truck…wherever she may be.

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Video Transcript:

Been on the move, been on the move for about three months now. I just found this camera. It’s got a little bit of battery left in it. Trying to stay on the move, keep things mobile. All I have is my backpack here, the clothes on my back, a little bit of bread here. I just found this shelf sitting here a little bit ago. It’s really come in handy for all of my necessary … They’re coming. (sounds of  steps, hissing) I think they’re coming. I think they found me. I’ve got to go. I’ve gotten away from them once, I can do it again. Got to grab my backpack, my bread. Oh, forgot the shelf.

All right, so I just got to my new location, got everything I need. I got away safe. Only problem is, is I’m in this, like, really crazy rocky terrain, but luckily, I have this shelf. It was just so easy to move it up a couple notches, so, bam, bam. Got my bread, got my backpack. I think I’m going to go to sleep. Really sturdy shelf, by the way. Okay. 

All right, guys, been here for a couple weeks, batteries running pretty low in the camera. I don’t have much time to talk, but I must say that this shelving unit’s been really amazing. I just got back from the creek, washed this guy off. Really easy to clean as you can see. Still sitting on it. Made it into a couch, actually. So, yeah, that’s about all I’ve got to say. This is it, about to post up, go to bed, hopefully someone finds this. Have a great life. Cheers. (crunching sound) Ow.

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