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Video: How to Use the Nemco Easy Chopper 3

The new Nemco Easy Chopper 3 takes everything you know and love about the Easy Chopper 2 and makes it better. The color-coded push black and corresponding blade-set system makes it easier to match sizes, and the new cleaning gasket helps you clean debris in a snap. Swapping blade assemblies is also easier than ever—check it out with our own Chris Tavano!

Video Transcript:
of the Nemco Easy Chopper 3.

The first improvement you can obviously see of the Nemco are the color-coded pusher blocks and blade assemblies themselves. This will prevent any kind of destructive mismatches, where you’re putting the wrong size pusher block with the wrong size blade assembly. On top of that, the pusher block itself is made of a new nylon-based resin, so it’s a lot stronger and will prevent any kind of broken or chipped teeth in your food product.

So the greatest feature of the new versatility on the Easy Chopper 3 is how quickly we can change blade assemblies to a different size. As you remember with the Easy Chopper 2, we had to release a bunch of wing nuts to be able to get the blade assembly out. Here, I can just snap it right out of place.

We’re going to go right into the same size, blue, the 3/8 inch into the slicing blade. And just snaps into place. And as you can see, the same blue, pusher block fits right in between those blades. And if you also notice, these pusher blocks also have a nice, removable rubber gasket that can come out of the grid for easy grid. They can be replaced on their own individually or in a 3-pack.

Plus, the wedger is also no interchangeable in the same unit.

The last enhancement that makes the Nemco Easy Chopper 3 so versatile is that you can now fit a full, 6-inch deep pan beneath the unit itself. Let’s look at this little guy in action.

And last but not least, Nemco did not forget how easy it should be to switch out to a citrus wedger.

And I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply, and that’s the Nemco Easy Chopper 3. Be sure to comment below if you have any questions, and call our sales floor directly for assistance on matching up the size and color of your needs.

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