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Beano’s Cabin: A Slice Of Rocky Mountain Goodness

Beano's Cabin RestaurantNo one would say seafood tastes better anywhere else than right beside the ocean.  There’s something special about enjoying food in the place that produced it. Local food, or “regional cuisine,” has enjoyed resurgent popularity in recent years as restaurant patrons rediscover the unique experience of combining physical place and cuisine.

If a great meal is about gaining a sense of place as well as flavor, then Beano’s Cabin is truly an extraordinary place to experience everything the Rocky Mountains have to offer.  Nestled in a high alpine meadow in the heart of Beaver Creek Resort, just getting to your table at Beano’s has an air of expedition and adventure – a fifteen minute sleigh ride through aspens and deep snow drives home just how remote the West really is.

After settling in the spacious, comfortable cabin and taking in the stunning mountain views, the real Beano’s experience begins: Rocky Mountain cuisine so fresh it will make you want to leave the suburbs for good. Elk, buffalo, trout, and lamb are all a regular part of the menu, as well as fruits and vegetables from farms along the Colorado River.  Local flavors enhance these offerings further, including wild blackberries and sweet potatoes.

Chef Steve Topple is the chief architect of this idyllic slice of the Rockies, and his work at Beano’s has been recognized nationally.  He discovered the possibilities of American West cuisine while working in ski resorts further east, including Lake Placid, New York.  Eventually he followed his culinary nose to Colorado, where Beaver Creek and Vail ski resorts welcomed his fresh approach to the local cuisine.

“It’s not your every day type of menu.  It’s really cool when people come up and find elk and buffalo on the menu and they realize that Colorado has a lot to offer them,” Chef Topple says.  His handiwork, in the expansive yet cozy venue of Beano’s Cabin, is a testament to just how great the blending of place and food can be.

“Getting creative with Colorado cuisine is something I love doing,” Topple adds.  After you take a bite and gaze out at snow-capped peaks, you’ll be glad he does.

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