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Fixing Commercial Ovens: Pilot Light Won’t Stay Lit

80% of the time the thermocouple causes this problem.  When lighting the pilot, if the thermocouple is not directly in the flame it doesn’t get hot enough to allow it to open the safety valve.  If it is directly in the flame and it won’t stay lit then the thermocouple is probably defective and needs to be replaced,  Keep in mind that some safety valves have the thermocouple permanently attached so the entire valve must be replaced. Commercial Oven Thermocouple

If you’ve replaced the thermocouple and attempt to light the pilot and it still will not stay lit then the safety valve is defective.  Remember to check the type of safety valve you have to get the correct replacement.  For correct identification  procedures check out this Tech Talk post.

When working on any type of gas equipment always remember to shut off the gas!

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  1. Pilot light and burner go off at about 350 degrees replaced the pilot light and it was worse than the old one cut off about 300 degrees.
    Any ideas.

    • The above is a older wolf 36 inch commercial stove conventional oven

    • Hey Jerry,

      Without having more information, it’s tough to say what’s happening. The cutoff temp description sounds like a hi-limit thermostat issue. However, a pilot should never go out on its own (if it does, that could be a gas source issue). Give us a call 1-888-388-6372 or contact us online for more help.

      – Chris
      Tundra Team

  2. Hi Jerry,

    We have one of the older Wolf commercial range ovens. The pilot went from going out while the oven was in use and being difficult to relight, to now simply not relighting.

    The burners above the oven work just fine. Does it sound like a thermocouple issue?



    • Tundra Restaurant Supply

      Hi Brian,

      From your description, we’re thinking the thermocouple would be the most likely culprit.

      – Tundra Team

  3. I replaced the left thermocouple on my wolf 48 double. However, the left side oven still turns off, sometimes the pilot goes out too. The safety valve is almost new(just a couple years of use), so I am very confused as to what may be causing this. Thank you for your time! Trevor Barnhart

    • Tundra Restaurant Supply

      Hey Trevor,

      It could be a bad thermocouple, or the safety went out again. Give us a call at 888-388-6372 or contact us online if you want to troubleshoot further.

      – Tundra Team

  4. I have a Tristar not too sure how old it is but it is somewhat temperamental. The pilot light will stay lit sometimes for months and then we have days it doesn’t stay lit for longer than 10 minutes. Is this a thermocouple issue?

    Thank you in advance, Lisa

  5. installed the new thermal couple in my wolff oven, hard place to work on.especially the clip to secure it.

    Found 2 cracks iin 2 small tubes (messing or copper)in front of pilot light unit.

    can they be replaced or do I need complete new unit ?

  6. my pilet/burner knob won’t turn on my comb.gas valve on a tsf-6575 tri star fryer. is there a safety that’s keeping it from turning. it’s stuck in the pilot position

  7. I have a gas oven with a thermocouple, but it has 2 copper tubes coming out of it with electric connections on the ends, I cannot find any info on testing this type???

  8. Lenny, if you have a nice millivoltmeter you can hook it to that and measure the electric output. If it is a thermocouple, the output should be around 40 mV. If what you have is a thermopile, then the output should be more around 750mV.

    – Paul
    Tundra Team

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