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A Complete Restaurant Equipment Buying Guide

Restaurant Equipment Buying Guide

If you’re in the market for new restaurant equipment, you know that you’re about to spend a good chunk of change.  You also know the choices you make are ones you’ll have to live with for years to come.  That’s why it’s vital to make an informed decision that’s the perfect fit for your restaurant and your budget.

The Back Burner has a wealth of information for you on most major pieces of restaurant equipment, from ice machines to ranges to fryers.  This information comes from industry insiders who have sold and dealt with every conceivable kind of food service equipment for more years than most people could shake a stick at.  And while these posts may not make your decision any easier, they certainly will help you make a smarter one.

  • Color Code Food Safety Program – Color coded knives and cutting boards help prevent the cross-contamination of food ingredients in your commercial kitchen.  Learn more in this post.
  • Dishwashing Machines – From undercounters to conveyors, there is a wide range of commercial dishwashers out there.  Learn about high temp vs. low temp dishwashers and how to decide which type to buy in this post.
  • Family Friendly – Kid’s menus aren’t enough to cater to young families anymore.  Do you also have restaurant high chairs, booster seats, and baby changing stations?
  • Flatware – Not all flatware is created equal.  Learn how to tell the difference between the different types in this post.
  • Food Processors – Nothing streamlines food prep like a powerful commercial food processor.  Learn about all the different types in this post.
  • Gas Ranges -The gas range is the heart and soul of any kitchen.  Get all the information you need to make the right choice in this post.
  • Hobart Mixer Attachments – Hobart mixers are great because they last so long.  What’s not so great is how much it costs to replace the attachments you depend on every day.  Learn how to keep your Hobart going without spending a fortune.
  • Hood Filters – Keeping the hood filters over your cooking equipment clean and up-to-date is an important safety concern for your operation.  Learn how to maintain hood filters, and get key information on what to buy when you need new ones.
  • Ice Machines – Summertime is ice machine season, and if you’re in the market for an ice machine, you need to make sure you calculate capacity very carefully.  Learn how in this post.
  • Planetary Mixers – The planetary mixer is a mainstay chunk of equipment in many commercial kitchens.  Whenever your restaurant or bakery needs a large project done, and done well, more than likely you’re turning to the mixer taking up a whole corner of the kitchen.
  • Refrigeration – When you’re selecting a new refrigeration unit, you’re making a big decision that will impact your budget and your business for a long time to come.  You’ll be able to make a better decision after reading this post.
  • Scales – Portion, receiving, and liquor scales will all give you better inventory control and save you significant money.  Learn all the ins and outs in this post.
  • Sinks & Faucets – Get some useful tips on buying quality sinks and faucets that will stand the test of time in your busy kitchen.
  • Slicers – Different slicers are ideal for slicing different kinds of product, and using the wrong slicer can burn the unit up quickly, so make sure you understand the differences before you buy.
  • Steamers – Steamers are a great way to cook food to perfection every time while saving on energy costs.  Learn everything you need to know in this post.
  • Stick Mixers – Stick mixers are a great way to cut down on food prep labor costs.  Learn which mixer is best for your kitchen in this post.
  • Water Filtration – Filtered water not only tastes and smells better for your customers, it improves the performance and lifespan of key equipment like ice machines, beverage dispensers, and coffee makers.

If you’ve got questions that aren’t answered in one of the posts above, leave a comment and we’ll get back to you with the information you’re looking for.

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