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DIY Wedding: 10 Must Haves From Our Secret Stash

With Pinterest’s popularity skyrocketing through the roof and wedding season at our front door, I decided to dig into Tundra’s product assortment to find some Pinnable DIY wedding items that a bride-to-be should know about. Tundra has competitive pricing, a low price guarantee and many items are sold in bulk which is ideal for couples on a strict budget.

So, here you have it – 10 items every DIY bride must consider!

1: Drinking Jars – Libbey Glassware manufactures a couple of awesome drinking jars that would look great on any DIY wedding table. Both jars that we carry are 16 ½ oz. mason jars with handles; their difference is that one is plain and the other has the text “COUNTRY FAIR DRINKING JAR” with a rooster logo on the front.

TIP: Both cups are high moving items during wedding season so make sure to order far in advance!


2. Tea Lights & Candles – Another must have in the wedding world. Tundra offers packs of 125 standard tea lights with 5 hour burn time, rechargeable tea light sets, as well as votive, pillar and floating candles. Candles can be used for a variety of DIY wedding decorations, including centerpieces and paper lantern inserts to illuminate pathways.


3. Write-On Signs – More and more often I see restaurant sandwich boards and table top signs used at wedding receptions. Sandwich boards are great for directing people; for instance, if your reception is held at a location that is tough to find you can put a sandwich board by the road with the names of the wedding party and an arrow toward the venue. Write-on boards are also perfect for the gift table or hors d’oeuvres area if you feel instructions are needed, or to convey a heartwarming message about the marriage/engagement.


4. Cake Stands – The secret weapon that will make all your guests Instagram your wedding cake. You’ll likely spend tons of time and money on a wedding cake and you can’t just let it sit on the table – ugh! A cake stand is the perfect finishing touch as it will add height and presentation.

TIP: The cake stand should be the same size if not a little bigger than the bottom of the cake. Go bigger if you plan to have decorations, like flowers, around the cake.


5. Twine – Adds a trendy, rustic look to DIY weddings. Use twine for binding things together, hanging decorations from trees and wrapping around jars and bottles for centerpieces. You will be surprised how often this item comes in handy when you’re setting up the wedding day festivities!


6. Beverage Dispensers – Differentiate alcoholic from NA refreshments with different shaped dispensers or use a write on board for instructions. If you go with a clear container don’t forget to garnish the insides for presentation: some easy ideas include pink lemonade with lemon slices, margarita with lime slices, iced water with cucumber slices, iced tea with lemon slices and red sangria with orange slices.


7. Beverage Tubs – Whether you’re filling the tub with ice and storing beverages or packing it full with late-night-dancing flip-flops for guests, these tubs are a great investment. Tundra offers a wide range of sizes and finishes to go with any wedding theme.


8. Wine & Champagne Buckets – Champagne is a traditional wedding beverage served during toasts at the reception. Generally, the bartenders or catering service will serve the champagne, but for a low- budget wedding it’s beneficial to have champagne at each table in a bucket for guests to pour themselves during the toasts. The frozen flower ice cubes below add an elegant touch to the shiny metal bucket.


9. Vases & Accent Towers – From bud vases to glass accent towers, Tundra has a variety of options for DIY centerpieces. You can fill them with flowers, succulents, rocks, candles, and much more to get the look and feel of your theme.


10. TIKI torches – planning to have your wedding/reception outdoors? Tiki torches are a great way to light up the isle, illuminate the tent, or highlight the dance floor. Feel free to decorate the torches and keep extra fuel on hand just in case!

TIP: TIKI fuel has an advanced formula or citronella and cedar oil to naturally repel mosquitoes.


Now that I’ve filled you in on Tundra’s secret stash of DIY wedding supplies, make sure you let all your bride-to-be pals know and pay it forward by sharing our secrets.

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