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Are Guest Checks Dead?

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With an estimated 2 billion smartphone users in the world, it’s safe to say technology is here to stay. As tableside ordering and payment becomes more common, you may be asking what’s next for the humble guest check.

Guest checks have long been helpful for recording orders (including sides, substitutions and other itemized additions), but they can also help servers keep diner orders organized. With helpful table diagrams and ordered columns, tracking orders properly minimizes communication errors with the kitchen, saving you money on costly mistakes.

Plus as a diner, do you find yourself on edge when your server isn’t writing your order down?

And consider this—many cash-only establishments still utilize guest checks because they lack a point-of-sale (POS) system. But don’t think of it as an “either” or “or” issue! Guest checks are designed to work with your POS system, with many servers using guest checks as an organized way to input orders.  Clear communication between front and back of the house staff is crucial to customer satisfaction and your bottom line. Skip the blank pad of paper and do a service to your staff by supplying them with proper guest checks.

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