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[Buying Guide] Disposables Dinnerware 101

disposables buying guide

You’ve probably used disposables throughout most of your life, from school lunches, to backyard BBQs, to doggie bag leftovers after eating out at a restaurant. Single-use disposables are used both for convenience (throw away instead of clean? score!) but also to prevent the spread of diseases for businesses who lack the proper cleaning and sanitizing equipment. All in all, disposables seem like a win-win, right?

Well, if the players are you vs the environment, it’s really a win-lose.

Because disposables are just that—disposable—our landfills are filling up at a rate higher than ever with these single-use items. Lucky for you, there are options available to divert some of the waste from going to the landfill. Between recyclable options made of plastic and paper, to new compostable materials that turn products into soil, today’s disposables fit a variety of lifestyles and budgets.

Learn more about single-use disposables and check out our new Buying Guide: Disposables today!

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