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Awesome Fried Foods & The Restaurants That Serve Them

Fried Food Prawn FrittersThe last post I wrote was on healthy oils, which I would hope anyone that ventures out for a deep fried meal would look into. 

As soon as you start talking about deep frying, people begin telling you the crazy things they’ve eaten that’s been covered in batter and cooked in oil to perfection.  I’ve heard of deep fried twinkies, pickles and Rocky Mountain oysters, but I wanted to see what other inventive, tasty ingredients restaurants are frying up across the nation.

Yet, it’s one thing to write a list about fun fried foods, and another to send you on an adventure across this fried-food nation to discover restaurants serving up some of the best fried foods in the country!

1. State Fair of Texas – Dallas, Texas

Not technically a restaurant, but once a year you can venture down to the State Fair of Texas, known for its fried foods, and taste some of the most extreme fried foods ever invented:

[unordered_list style=”green-dot”]
  • Main Courses: Deep Fried Butter Balls, Chicken Fried Bacon, Fried Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwiches, Fried Chicken Skin, Fried Frito Pie, Fried Mashed Potatoes
  • Beverages: Fried Coke, Fried Kool-Aid
  • Desserts: Fried Cookie Dough, Deep Dried Bubble Gum

And this isn’t even the full list of fried goods – just the tip of the frying oil!

2. Sodolak’s Original Country Inn – Snook, Texas

You may have heard that everything’s better with bacon, but what about deep fried bacon?  Sodolak’s Original Country Inn has been serving up chicken fried bacon since the early 1990’s and claims to have invented the dish.  I’ve read numerous comments on this tasty dish, from people feeling guilty after eating it to completely delighted; either way, it definitely makes a mark on the map of fried food musts!

3. Goodson’s Café – Tomball, Texas

Chicken fried steak isn’t exactly a new dish on anyone’s menu, but when it comes to a restaurant claiming to serve the best, it’s definitely worth the drive!  Sticking with the great state of Texas, “Ma” Goodson’s chicken fried steak recipe has been known to bring people to Goodson’s Café from miles around since 1950 – now that’s a good recipe!

4. Dyer’s Burgers – Memphis, Tennessee

Have you had your vitamin “G” today?  That’s lingo for Dyer’s famous burgers that are cooked in the restaurants secret sauce… grease that dates back to 1912!  Yes, the thought of old oil may sound a bit off, but it’s made Dyer’s burgers world famous – and hey, they have been serving up the same burger recipe for more than a 100 years now.  There’s got to be something impressive about that burger!

5. Bruce’s Bar – Severance, Colorado

If you don’t know what Rocky Mountain oysters are, you might be a bit confused as to why Bruce’s Bar has so many bulls hanging around – and no, I’m not talking about the bikers.  Either way, these tasty oysters are served all-you-can-eat style, or frozen, so that you can take them home for later.  Their Rocky Mountain oyster recipe has been serving happy oyster lovers for well over 60 years now!

6. Fat Cat Café – Grand Lake, Colorado

The first time I tasted Scottish eggs was at a small town restaurant called Fat Cat Café, and those delicious eggs have kept me a loyal customer over the past few years.  Besides the more than 50 menu choices on the weekend breakfast buffet, the drive over beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park is always worth it!

7. Chip Shop – Brooklyn, New York

And when you just can’t decide what it is you want fried, the Chip Shop in New York is the only place to go!  The Chip Shop opened its doors in 2001 and promised to fry up anything their diners wanted; that is, until they fried an orange and it exploded – so, no juicy foods (they obviously haven’t discovered Rocky Mountain oysters yet).   Other than that, they’re list of deep fried foods are untouchable by most: hamburgers, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, oreos, pop tarts, sushi, whole pineapple and much more.

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