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Boulder Restaurants Getting Some National Respect

Boulder RestaurantsBoulder area restaurants are garnering some respect on the national scene, including a write-up in the Wall Street Journal.  As you may know, The Back Burner is based in Boulder, so we took it as a great sign that some of our favorite restaurants in our own backyard have been recognized on the national scene.

Between well-known chef Radek Cerny’s French fusion cuisine at L’Atelier, The Kitchen’s gourmet sustainable fare, and Black Cat’s chef Eric Skokan’s recent appearance at the famed James Beard house in New York City, Boulder’s restaurant scene seems to be maturing very nicely.

Boulder’s restaurant scene is home to a great concentration of highly diverse, sustainably driven, and ultimately very high quality menus, and if you’re visiting the area any time in the future, we encourage you to take the time to enjoy this vibrant local scene as much as we do.

Check out all of Boulder’s offerings here.

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Greg has blogged about the food service industry for years and has been published in industry magazines, like Independent Restaurateur and industry blogs like Restaurant SmartBrief. He lives in Colorado with his wife and two sons and enjoys reading, live music, and the great outdoors.

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  1. It’s great that Boulder restaurants are getting some recognition. There are definitely some gems to be found. However, Colorado does lack a little cultural diversity. When was the last time you got a great hot dog or slice of pizza from a stand in Boulder or even Denver? And ask a native to Colorado if they know what Italian Beef is….I bet they don’t!

  2. I disagree with Lisa. For one, I don’t consider pizza and hot dogs to represent “cultural diversity”, and..there are plenty of great slices of pizza to be found in Denver. In addition to Boulder and Denver, Aspen and Telluride have some amazing culinary gems to be discovered, just ask the locals. And with restaurants like Frasca in Boulder setting new standards on the front range, the future looks bright.

  3. You’re right…pizza and hot dogs is not a good example of cultural diversity. But, can you name one good Greek Restaurant? There are a number of amazing restaurants that take on their own genre. For example, the Kitchen and Frasca have great menus that are based on local farmers. It’s a great concept and great food. But, it’s in the traditional cusines (like greek) that Colorado lacks.

  4. Boulder does have a great restaurant scene. I’ve always been surprised at how it seems to fly under the radar when it comes to popular restaurant towns. As someone who grew up on the East coast, I do have to agree with Lisa when it comes to cultural diversity. I often miss going to Philly and eating in China Town or the Italian Market. While there is some pizza that passes as acceptable in Colorado, using the phrase “plenty of great slices” makes me think that person has never really had a great slice or left the state. Next you’re going to tell me what they sell at Subway really is a Philly cheesesteak……

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