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Need Your Company To Pick Up Lunch?

All over the country food service has been suffering from a decline in business meals, and the upscale eateries of midtown Manhattan are no exception.  Manhattan steakhouse Maloney & Porcelli’s is fighting back with a deceptively simple tool it recently made available to its customers that has the entire business district suddenly willing to spend their lunch hour enjoying a hearty meal in the restaurant.

It’s called Expense-A-Steak, and it allows you to enter any dollar amount online and then download and print receipts for essential office supplies, effectively wiping away that $150 lunch you just enjoyed.  Simply return the manufactured receipts to your boss and tell him you already dropped the printer ink toners off and return to work.

Of course, anybody checking the company credit card will notice that the “Office Supply Hut” receipt doesn’t match the Maloney & Porcelli’s name on the statement, but those couple weeks of bliss before the hammer comes down may very well be worth it.

Expense-A-Steak produced over 88,000 receipts in its first week.  The gadget is generating a lot of buzz around the venerable steakhouse, making Expense-A-Steak look more and more like a brilliant PR play.

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