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Italian Grandmas Run Staten Island Restaurant

Italian Grandmas Run The Enoteca Maria RestaurantThe Enoteca Maria restaurant of Staten Island, NY serves truly authentic Italian style home cooking every evening.  They can make such a bold claim, because anyone who ventures into the kitchen in this small 35-seat restaurant will find an actual Italian Grandma bent over the stove conjuring up classic recipes that have been passed down for generations.

Enoteca Maria employs eight local women, all of whom draw on their Italian heritage and culture to bring traditional dishes to the restaurant’s patrons.  Each chef designs and creates her own unique menu based on the food she has been cooking at home for years.

This genuine Italian cuisine gets rave reviews every time it comes out of Enoteca’s kitchen.  And the Grandmas love their newfound celebrity.  They regularly receive standing ovations from happy customers, which is much more appreciation than they get at home.

Enoteca’s nightly menu rotation (depending on which Grandma is in for the night), superb wine list, and cozy atmosphere has made for a unique dining experience that can only be created by a grandmother’s kitchen.

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