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Arc Cardinal Glassware – The Professional’s Choice

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French in heritage and admired by chefs across the globe, Arc Cardinal is the superior choice in restaurant glassware.

A Little History

Arc Cardinal has been revolutionizing glassware since it created Fully Tempered glass in 1958 under the name Arcoroc Professional. Its parent company, Arc International, started as a tiny family owned glassware business in France way back in 1825. Today, they make everything from fine dining chinaware to PLA margarita glasses, but none of their products lack Arc’s dedication to durable elegance.


All In The Family

Arc Cardinal has two brands in their tabletop family – Arcoroc and Chef & Sommelier. With a strong focus on mechanical and thermal stability, plus designs that keep up with the current trends, Arcoroc is “the professional’s choice.” As a nod to its French heritage and the expertise required in fine dining, the Chef & Sommelier brand of glassware and dinnerware boasts superior material quality and design that allows both chefs and sommeliers to express their talents as they present their food and drink.

With so much innovative technology in glassware, it’s sometimes hard to keep it all straight, so I’ll give you a little outline of Arc’s different glass types, from strong to strongest, and ending with the new (drumroll, please…) Krysta line from Chef & Sommelier.

Annealed – Annealed glassware is glass that has been blown and then left to cool down slowly.  This process helps strengthen the glass against temperature changes (like putting a cold beverage in a glass right out of the dishwasher).

Fully Tempered – Arc Cardinal’s fully tempered glassware is blown and then cooled down very quickly so that the molecules in the glass contrast, creating a stronger, tighter bond.  This treatment strengthens the glass to be up to 5 times stronger than annealed glass. It’s so strong, I’ve seen an Arc Cardinal fully tempered wine glass used to hammer a nail into a piece of wood, and it didn’t even crack. No lie!

Kwarx®– Next up, is Kwarx by Arc Cardinal. Kwarx is the name Arc Cardinal uses for a specific material added to annealed glass that improves shock resistance, long-lasting brightness, and cold cut processing to the rim of each glass for superior tasting qualities.  These glasses are beautifully thin, yet durable, with sheer rims, thinner stems, and a clear transparency.

Krysta® – Krysta is the newest and strongest material introduced by Arc Cardinal. Krysta contains a lead-free crystal that, when added to annealed glass, is 30% stronger than standard crystalline, and is one of the purest and most transparent glasses you’ll find on the market.  Arc promises that Krysta glassware will remain clear and brilliant even after 2,000 cycles in a commercial dishwasher. Elegant, durable, and made right in the U.S.,  Arc Cardinal is so happy with this new material that they plan to upgrade all Chef & Sommelier glassware to Krysta in the near future.

Why Choose Arc Cardinal

Arc Cardinal is admired by many chefs and wine purveyors across the globe, but some wonder why their glassware is more costly than other brands.  The answer is simple – it’s more durable! The longevity of an Arc Cardinal fully tempered pint glass or a Krysta® Sequence Bordeaux Wine Glass is simply unrivaled. Glass and dinnerware breakage in the restaurant is something the entire restaurant staff has to struggle with. From the server who has to sweep up after their guest, the chef who has to ditch all the food on his work space, to the general manager who has to keep ordering new glassware, broken glass simply puts unnecessary stress on the entire restaurant staff. Plus, if you have sustainability written into your values, having dependable glassware must be checked off your list.

And if you still aren’t convinced – reach out to us. We’d be happy to get you some samples so you can experience first-hand the superiority of Arc Cardinal glassware. Even if all of your current glassware is from a different brand, Tundra Restaurant Supply and our friends at Cardinal will gladly help you out with the transition. Give us a call at 1-888-388-6372 for more details on how to try out Arc Cardinal glassware in your establishment today.

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