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Why Choose Vitamix?

Vitamix Green Smoothie

Commercial Vitamix blenders are powerful, heavy duty machines built for durability, precision, power, ease-of-use, and versatility.

But we get it—the decision to purchase a Vitamix blender is not easy when you consider the price and the fact that there are just so many other choices out there. Choosing a Vitamix is a real investment so it makes sense to weigh out your options and choose what’s best for your establishment.

If you’re on the fence about choosing a Vitamix, let me outline a few factors to answer that infamous question: Why Vitamix?


The 64 oz Vita-Prep® 3 can chop veggies, blend smoothies, grind spices, and so much more.

In my mind, a Vitamix stands out as a must-have kitchen appliance because it’s so much more than just a smoothie blender. Consider the menu possibilities (and other appliances you can get rid of) by having one machine that can blend, chop, heat, homogenize, grind, emulsify, muddle, whip, and even juice your ingredients. Mix that with the precision and power capabilities I’ll go over below, and you have one unbeatable kitchen companion.


Vitamix replacement tamper
The tamper can by used while the blender is running to help push ingredients into the blades. Super time saver!

Also unique, and very important to prep chefs and bartenders alike, is the simplicity in operating these machines. You don’t have to twist the jar in and wait for it to click into place.  Simply place the jar on the base and go. Features like this plus intuitive controls mean less training time and more time to get back to business. Your Vitamix is also going to come with a tamper, or Accelerator Tool. This tool fits through the opening in the lid and won’t hit the blades as you use it to push your ingredients down. Say you want to make peanut butter. Simply throw in your peanuts, start on low speed, and increase the speed as you use the tamper to push the peanuts down into the blades. The fact that you don’t have to stop the machine, take the lid off, and then push ingredients down is a major time saver and creates perfectly smooth nut butters, smoothies, and ice creams. Also, don’t underestimate the efficiency of having a few extra Vitamix containers around!

Durability & Power

If you ask around, you’ll hear chefs say they love their Vitamix beverage and food blenders for many reasons but possibly the most notable feature is the durability and longevity of these kitchen workhorses. The hardened stainless steel blades give your ingredients no chance for survival upon impact. And the metal drive system provides a longevity you won’t find with brands who use plastic for this important blender part. And as you compare the horsepower of different blenders, consider the fact that a Vitamix blender is tested using a full jar of ingredients, versus others who base horsepower on an empty container. To Vitamix, it’s not only about the level of horsepower, it’s also about the entire machine working together to operate at its best and provide you perfect results every time.

Not only does The Quiet One™ have 6 program buttons with 34 recipes already in memory, it’s also 4 times quieter than comparable blenders.


And speaking of the perfect results every time, variable speed control means you can start at a low speed to incorporate the ingredients and then work your way up to the desired texture. Then, once you’ve honed in on the perfect blending steps, you can program your blender and use the right steps for each menu item.

By combining power, precision, and versatility, adding a Vitamix to your kitchen counter means you have the ability to not only offer more menu items, but keep them consistent day in and day out. In a world where restaurants open and close every single day, quality and consistency are highly valued by your customers and your solution to that could very well be to invest in a Vitamix blender.

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