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Down to the Decimal


The modern kitchen is evolving every day and today’s professionals are seeking the most advanced tools for their work table. Escali has been designing and manufacturing digital scales, mechanical scales, hanging scalesthermometers, and timers for many years, and is the name to trust when it comes to quality, precision, and ease of use.

For those who hold onto traditions and feel safe and comfortable with a mechanical or baker’s dough scale – to each their own. But let’s make sure you understand the major advantages of welcoming a digital scale into your kitchen. Bakeries, sandwich shops, pizza joints, and really any establishment cranking out endless portions of product, benefit greatly from using a digital scale.

Simplicity is hugely important to the busy baker. Imagine working with a 10 lb batch of bread dough and having to measure out 2 oz portions for rolls. Using a dough scale can be quite painful (to the schedule and the shoulders). It’s just not nearly as fast as using a commercial digital scale because of the time it takes to wait for the two sides to appear level. An Escali digital scale will display a measurement almost instantly on a large, clear display screen.

Portion Control
That sounds great and all, but isn’t it fastest just to eyeball my portions?

The truth is, when it comes down to the decimals there is a HUGE difference in accuracy when using a digital scale. This will inevitably help your bottom line because of the extreme precision you’ll have in portion control. Don’t worry – this isn’t a shameless plug for my new diet program. I’m talking about the difference it makes to pay closer attention to how accurately you measure your ingredients.

Say you’re cranking out pizza by pizza, and using your hand or small cup for the cheese. Maybe your shredded mozzarella costs $2.50 per lb and you make an average of 30 cheese pizzas per service that call for 6 oz cheese on each. If each portion of cheese is over by 1 oz, that’s some major waste happening ($4.69/night to be exact). Open 7 days a week, year round and you’re talking over $1,500 in wasted cheese. Just cheese! Ouch.

Not to mention that your product will inherently be inconsistent, which is not a quality that customers seek when finding their favorite pizza joint. Double ouch.

100S – 220 Lb Granda Platform Scale

There’s More
While portion and quality control will save you cheese loads of money, you’ll find other advantages with Escali digital scales. Choose the 13 Lb Alimento Digital Scale for portioning out fish fillets or pizza toppings, or go big with the 220 Lb Granda Platform Scale for shipping/receiving, or even your largest recipes. No matter the capacity, Escali scales are compact and easy to store, feature an auto tare and tare memory, and some are even water resistant.

W6630 – 66 Lb Water Resistant Digital Scale

The Escali W6630 66 Lb Digital Scale is designed to withstand heavy commercial use in the professional kitchen. With its stainless steel waterproof housing, this scale can be sprayed with water for cleaning and comes with a rechargeable battery with wall adapter so you don’t worry about damage or power loss. Although this is a large capacity scale, it’s unique in that the increments go as low as 2 grams (or 0.1 oz) – a sensitivity usually only seen in much smaller scales.


Escali has found a way to give you the best of both worlds. Their scales are highly accurate and complex machines tested by rigid military measuring standards. And yet, the outside is simple and sturdy, which translates to a user friendly, easy to clean counter top appliance.  Try an Escali scale today and save your bottom line.

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