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Jump-Start Your Kitchen With Hamilton Beach Commercial


Deciding to go “commercial” with your kitchen can feel like a big step. You might be wondering how to cook a turkey the way the pros do, or how to cook brown rice like your favorite Thai place. Maybe you’ve decided to start your own catering company or want to experiment with juicing so you can one day sell your concoctions to the world. Perhaps you’re already in a professional kitchen and need some ways to improve efficiency without burning through your budget in one fell swoop. If you’re looking to switch to commercial countertop cooking or food prep equipment, we think Hamilton Beach Commercial is a great place to start.

Vintage Hamilton Beach Ad from 1917The Hamilton Beach Story
The Original Hamilton Beach Drink MixerThe Hamilton Beach Manufacturing Company was created in 1910 by L.H. Hamilton and Chester Beach.  Featured in a classic mint green, the (now iconic) Drink Mixer was one of Hamilton Beach’s first attempts in using their patented lightweight universal electric motor in a kitchen appliance. They quickly expanded their product line to include mixers, meat grinders, and juice extractors (among other household necessities like fans and floor polishers).

Today, Hamilton Beach offers its commercial line in answer to the demands of the professional kitchen, but has created some models we think belong in both the commercial kitchen and home kitchen. Check out our list of just a few of the many affordable commercial appliances Hamilton Beach has to offer:


Hamilton Beach - CPM700 - 7 Qt Commercial Countertop Mixer
CPM700 – 7 Qt Commercial Countertop Mixer

We’ve had some great customer feedback around this commercial mixer. The bowl holds 7 quarts -more than the average mixer sold to households. It can easily make 3-4 batches of dough verses 1 or 2 at a time. Talk about a time saver! It also has one of those nifty pop-up heads that tilts back from the bowl, making it quick and easy to add ingredients or scrape down the sides.



Hamilton Beach - HBF600 - Tournant™ Commercial Food Blender
HBF600 – Tournant™ Commercial Food Blender

When shopping for a commercial grade blender, it’s easy to raise the bar without breaking the bank. Hamilton Beach makes some excellent blenders that actually process food as well as blend, grind, puree, and emulsify. The Tournant™ offers a great solution if you’re not into investing in both a food processor and a blender.




37560R - Proctor-Silex 60C Ricer Cooker and Warmer
37560R – Proctor-Silex 60C Ricer Cooker and Warmer

Many chefs would call a rice cooker a “unitasker” and waste of space, but with Hamilton Beach this is far from the truth.  The Proctor Silex® commercial rice cooker is so advanced,  you can also use it as food warmer for serving or hot-holding.  This guy can also cook oatmeal, mac n’ cheese, and grits!




Hamilton Beach - HBB908 - 44 oz Commercial Bar Blender
HBB908 – 44 oz Commercial Bar Blender

Say you’re a small bar or Mexican restaurant, heading into the summer season. Blended drinks will be a major demand and you can’t afford to waste time using a small, weak blender. Tundra stocks the Hamilton Beach HBB908 and it’s a very popular choice for bars blending drinks to order. At such a fair price, this workhorse is a smart investment for your restaurant, bar, or personal cabana.

We hope you’ll find this guide to Hamilton Beach helpful. Check out all the Hamilton Beach goodness Tundra offers right here.

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