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T&S Brass – Tackling Water Conservation One Drop at a Time


T&S Brass and Bronze Works has been way ahead of the sustainability curve for years.

As the leading manufacturer of foodservice plumbing equipment, T&S Brass realizes that usable water is a seriously limited resource (only 3% of the earth’s surface contains fresh water, and only 25% of that is available for use) and that they have a responsibility to planet earth and its inhabitants to design products that simply don’t waste as much water.

Because T&S Brass provides products designed to preserve water, adding their products to your arsenal could assist your restaurant in obtaining a LEED Certification through earning points in the “Water Efficiency,” “Innovation & Design,” and “Regional Priority” categories of performance tested for the certification.

Whether you’re trying to obtain a LEED Certification or just need to update the faucet in your 3-compartment sink,  I want to outline some water conserving (Low Flow) products from T&S, and also touch on some other incredible ways this company is tackling sustainability.

Pre-Rinse Faucets


Can you imagine washing dishes in your commercial kitchen without a pre-rinse faucet?  In 1947, T&S Brass introduced the market’s first – thanks T&S!  To top that, they’ve since created what are called low-flow spray valves which average .65 GPM (gallons per minute) versus the industry standard of 1.42 GPM.  The B-0107-C (the first of its kind) and B-0108-C are endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association and could save you up to 77,000 gallons of water per year.  And don’t confuse a low flow rate with low water pressure – these babies still pack a punch and do just fine battling dirty dishes.

Still not convinced? Take a spin at this T&S Cost Savings Calculator for pre-rinse spray valves to see how much you could save by making the switch.

Sensor Faucets

Sensor faucets do just as their name implies; they sense – and only turn on – when hands are underneath the spout.  T&S sensor faucets are designed with a pre-set low flow rate and could save as much as 1 gallon of water per 20-second hand wash! Other benefits on top of saving water are the reduction in heating costs and improved hygiene.

Faucet Parts

Having a faucet that conserves water usage is pointless if the unit starts to leak from the spout, handles, nozzle, or coupling – wasting both water resources and money at the same time.  Luckily, Tundra Restaurant Supply makes it simple to fix your T&S faucet with commercial plumbing replacement parts.  For example, if you have leaking at the base of your T&S Swing Nozzle, you simply need to replace the Swivel O-Ring.  A cheap and easy fix that can save gallons of water and a call to the service tech.



But Is a Product Sustainable If You Waste Energy Making It?

T&S understands that designing water conserving pre-rinse units or food waste disposal systems is pointless if the manufacturing process itself isn’t sustainable.

T&S uses 98-99% recycled metal, and also recycles its scrap metal, plastic shrink wrap, corrugation, plastic palettes, and office paper.  100% of polishing dust is collected and repurposed to reduce the use of virgin metals.  Their facilities use energy efficient lighting, air conditioning and heating which has reduced their energy consumption by 6%.  You also won’t find VOC and other ozone-depleting chemicals in any of their processes.

We love T&S Brass for its devotion to the Earth, but also for its dedication to providing dependable, ground-breaking products.

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