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How To Do Prix Fixe Menus the Right Way

Prix fixe menus have long been a staple in Europe, but it wasn’t until the 2009 recession that we really saw them take off in the states. Typically offering a 3-course combination consisting of an appetizer, entrée and dessert, the prix fixe menu was initially employed to draw in customers during …

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How to Buy a Hatco Strip Heater

Few things are worse than cooking a beautiful dish only to have it overcooked and dried out because of a heat lamp or strip heater. Because of this reason, strip heaters can sometimes get a bad rap. But in reality, strip heaters do an excellent job at keeping your food …

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Keto Diet and Your Menu

As a chef, you’ve encountered more than you share of dietary restrictions. Whether for medical reasons or just another fad diet, being aware of diner preferences and restrictions is key to a happy customer (and repeat business). The latest trend to hit the market is the keto diet. The main …

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