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Marketing Events and Collaboration Ideas for Restaurants

restaurant-event-sceneFeel like you’re in a slump?

Eager to get creative with your marketing efforts?

Lure diners into your restaurant by creating personalized experiences that excite and engage them. An event gives you a platform to showcase the best of your restaurant, and your chef will also be excited at the prospect of getting creative with a special menu. Fun events transform your establishment from just a restaurant to a destination—where you become an important note in a diner’s personal calendar.

Here are a few ideas that wouldn’t take much to implement, but could make a positive, lasting impact on your bottom line:

Wine Flight
Get your wine rep and chef together to plan a pre-fixe four course wine dinner with a set per person price. Guests will enjoy the opportunity to learn more about wines and their regions, particularly as they are paired with complementary dishes. Bonus—as your rep if he or she can bring along extra bottles for diners to purchase at the table.

Farm Dinner
If you’re lucky enough to operate near a local farm, see if they’d be interesting in hosting a farm dinner on their property. Your chef will revel in the opportunity to get creative with fresh harvests, and diners will enjoy the surrounding terroir. Farm dinners are best for warm, summer nights.

Collaborate with Another Chef
Put competition aside and take the opportunity to collaborate with a talented chef to put a unique spin on your menu for one night only. Not only do you have the opportunity to market this event to your own customer base, the guest chef will also promote it within their own network. You may find unexpected pairings and some fun twists on your menu through this thoughtful collaboration!

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