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Repairing an Edlund Manual Can Opener: Blade & Gear

Edlund Can Opener

Edlund has multiple manual can openers that all vary slightly, however, when it comes to repairs, DIY is fairly similar between all of them. There are approximately 15 parts for each can opener, but the most requested parts are the knife and gear – each of which takes less than a minute to replace, and cost much less than buying a new can opener.

To Replace the Knife

Raise the handle of the can opener, remove the grenade pin (in model #S-11) and remove the knife holder. Unscrew the thumb screw, and you’ll disengage the knife. If you haven’t already done so, turn the knife over to use the other edge (the knife has two blade edges to use), or if both sides are worn, it’s time to replace the knife.

To Replace the Gear

Place can opener in its base, and turn the handle counter clockwise to remove handle (for some models, you may have to use a screwdriver to stop the gear from turning, as you turn the handle counter clockwise). When you can lift the handle off of the can opener, you have officially disengaged the gear. Take out the gear, and replace with a new gear. You’ll know which way to put the gear back in, because Edlund writes “Up” on one side of the gear.

For a full list of Edlund can opener parts, visit our site to see breakdowns, diagrams, and parts for your exact can opener.

Edlund Can Opener Troubleshooting

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  1. I ordered replacement parts for my Edlund #1 can opener but cannot get spring back in. Please clue me in on getting the spring compressed enough to reassemble.

    Thank you, Dan

    • Tundra Restaurant Supply

      Hey Dan,

      Unfortunately this is no easy task. First off, make sure the handle arm is extended “up” parallel with the mechanism, not “down” perpendicular with the base then use some good force. As an example, the arm is indicated as “down” in this diagram: https://www.etundra.com/restaurant-parts/parts-diagrams/edlund-number-1-can-opener-parts/

      • Hello Tundra:

        Thanks for the reply. My problem was not the handle position, but compressing the spring. By putting the whole device in my garage vise, I managed to lock a three-armed wheel puller on the top, and screwed the center turnbuckle on the spring, compressing it far enough to work the pin into place. What a job.

  2. I ordered replacement parts for my Edlund #2 can opener but cannot get the gear from turning, I’ve tried several screw drivers and turning counter clock wise like the instructions said whit no luck.
    I really appreciate your help, thank you.

  3. Hey Christian,

    This would be a great opportunity for a how to video! Unfortunately we don’t have it yet (we’ll add it to the list). In the meantime you might want to check out your instructions or contact Edlund directly for more step-by-step directions: http://www.edlundco.com/contact-us/

    – Paul
    Tundra Team

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