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Tundra Goes Full Service

In an effort to communicate more effectively to our readers about the company that makes all this possible here at The Back Burner, we are launching a new series of posts here highlighting Tundra and the things this company does very well.  We hope you enjoy learning more about Tundra!

Tundra acquired the Katz Design company recently and brought owner Jeff Katz on board here in Boulder, CO to manage a new restaurant design department.

Woo-hoo! Right?  Wait, what does that mean?  Well, Tundra is now a full service client for businesses in the food service industry.  That means we can get you equipment – any kind of equipment, no matter how weird or exotic (trust us, we’ve seen some pretty crazy requests before!).  We can get you supplies – you name it, we’ve got it, from floor drains to forks to furniture.  In fact, we’ve got a whole department that specializes in getting you exactly what you need for a new restaurant opening or a remodel.

So wait, where does this Jeff guy come in?  Jeff is an expert in restaurant design with over 30 years experience in the industry, a degree from Cornell’s prestigious School of Hotel Administration, and a well-known book, “Restaurant Planning, Design, & Construction – A Survival Manual for Owners, Operators, & Developers.

These credentials means he can offer something that up until this point Tundra has not been able to: top quality design help for new and remodeling restaurants.
Combining Tundra’s unique ability to supply a comprehensive package of products needed by a new restaurant with the Katz Company’s ability to design and build beautiful restaurant spaces means Tundra can now offer food service entrepreneurs a full service, start-to-finish opening or remodeling package all in one place.

Add in Tundra’s ability to replenish supplies, provide replacement equipment parts, and sell new equipment after a restaurant opens its doors, and now you’ve got a full service company in every stage of the life cycle of restaurant.

Learn more about Tundra in this Boulder Daily Camera article.

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