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[Buying Guide] Commercial Food Processors


Waring food processor

In many ways your commercial food processor is the third pair of hands you’ve always wanted. Prep work, a necessity in all kitchens, takes several hours of your (already) busy schedule. If you’re lucky enough to have a few people on your kitchen staff that chore is shared amongst the team. However, if it’s just you, yourself, and I, then the hours spent on prep can quickly become challenging.

Food processors can shred, blend, slice, and (some) can even dice—in just a few minutes. We dig the ones from Waring which are durable and versatile. Great for menu items like house made salsa or french fries, food processors ensure you get even, consistent cuts over and over again. Consistency is great for even cooking and presentation, but it’s also ideal for your costs. Think about it, when you know exactly how many menu items you can serve from a certain amount of product you’ll be able to better estimate your inventory costs and reduce waste from spoilage.

Food processors vary in functionality and price, and figuring out what you need can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve created a Food Processor Buying Guide that breaks down all of the features like motor capability, the difference between batch bowl and continuous feed, disc attachments and more.

Avoid spending too much on a food processor! Check out our Commercial Food Processor Buying Guide today >>

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  1. I work at a restaurant, and I’m in charge of buying all the equipment for the kitchen. This food processor is maybe the best thing I ever bought for the restaurant. It is used all the time to make salsa. I am even considering buying one for my home kitchen now too. Great info.

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