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A Chef’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Kitchen Knife [Free Download]

There’s something fascinating about knives. The way they’re shaped, the way they slice and dice, the shiny metal – oh, for some it’s an obsession. In fact, there’s a name for an obsession with knives, it’s called aichmomania. Of course in our line of work, it’s hard to not have a little aichmomania in each of us, which is exactly why we put together this beautiful work of art – The Cutting Edge of Knives.

Click the image to download The Cutting Edge of Knives.


It’s a Chef’s guide to finding the perfect kitchen knife, which includes an almost romantic story of why we love our knives:

  • Anatomy of a Knife
  • Knife Edges
  • Types of Knives
  • What Knife is Best for Different Foods
  • Knife Cuts
  • Tips for Getting Started on the Perfect Knife Collection (for those newbie aichmomaniacs)


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