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Commercial Ice Machines: Ice Types [INFOGRAPHIC]

Purchasing an ice machine for your restaurant is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your kitchen. Not only are ice machines expensive, but with all of the varieties of ice machines out there, which one do you pick? It doesn’t help that different manufacturers heave different names for common ice shapes and sizes.

That’s why we’ve made this handy infographic that not only gives you a reference of how much ice you’ll need for your daily operations, but what shape of ice will work best for your business. Click the image to download the Commercial Ice Machines: Ice Types infographic.


1. Calculate Your Ice Usage
If your restaurant has a salad bar, your ice needs will be much greater than a bar at a restaurant. First determine how much ice you’ll need daily to meet the needs of your customers.

2. Determine Your Ice Type
The basic ice sizes are: full cube, half cube, nugget, flaked and gourmet–however, you’ll find many manufacturers like to get creative with the names of their ice sizes. Ice size varies for each application. For example, ‘flaked’ ice is easier for molding in bar or seafood displays whereas the ‘nugget’ size is a customer favorite in beverages.

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  1. I am looking to get an ice machine. My ice usage is the normal everyday use for drinks. I do however want to get the pebble ice which is easy to chew. I like eating ice!

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